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Basic Swimwear Fashion Must-Haves

by Sofroina Timmons
If you don’t have a motto for your fashion then here’s one I can lend to you: For day-to-night an LBD, boyfriend blazer, a basic clutch and pumps. For jet-setting to tropical climates, wide sunglasses, wide brimmed raffia hat, raffia tote and a LBB - “Little Black Bikini” as Amahlia Stevens from Laguna Beach, California states it. Owner and designer of Vitamin A swimsuit line, Stevens has definitely added a must-have item that will surely help anyone look yummy while soaking up the rays.

These one of a kind pieces fit real women and instantly give women a sexy on-the-go chic look in an understated way. Stevens unveiled her Vitamin A Silver collection this year (which are reversible suits) and received rave reviews from the press and trendsetters alike.

Stevens is also excited about her “green line” of bikinis, which use 100% nylon fiber. This creation hopes to redefine the old image of green as granola to the new definition of green as gorgeous as it relates to eco-chic in swimwear.

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