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Breathtaking Swimwear

by Kenyatta D. Pious

Summer 2011 swimwear has reached its highest temperature. Swimwear line Mary Cozabella, named after CEO and founder Mary Moehring has turned basic designs into their slogan, “Tangible Elegance”. These yummy swimsuits fit to perfection recreating your basic body types into sumptuous, delectable goddesses.

You can feast on colors that pop and choose from seductive, provocative selections such as the “Dulce Lace” collection; a two-piece that has accenting lace trim on the sliding triangle top and lace trim of the scrunch bum bottoms. “Big Spender” is all-that and comes with more than two sides. The name alone should give you the image of couture and luxury. This piece accentuates your silhouette like none other.

I would love to take your hand and continue the guide but this website is a must see! Other collections are “Boa”, “Dead Ringer”, “Inheritance” and “Newport Strand” - - all of which meet those standard requirements woman crave: sexy, seductive and confident.

How did Mary Cozabella start?
I have always had an eye for fashion and I felt the beach could use a bit of runway couture designs that are bold and different.

Explain the meaning behind the name Mary Cozabella.
Cozabella is “beautiful thing” in Italian and my name is Mary. I wanted to express in my name that what I do is all me and every design is a beautiful thing.

Who is your ideal client and why?
The bold and the beautiful wear my collection. A sophisticated woman, one who exudes class and sass.

What was the inspiration for your latest collection?
The Tinkebella Collection was inspired by a variety of factors, most of which were inspired by different places in the world. From Miami to Dubai...My styles will evoke interest everywhere.

What item is a must-have while you are at the beach?
My suits and a fierce attitude!

Do you agree that the economic times call for minimalist designs?
No, I don’t agree...minimalist is only in the amount of fabric I use. LOL

What do you think are the biggest swimwear trends right now?
Anything new and different...Great one piece that is classic yet bold is a big trend I have seen...

What is the most important ingredient for a suit: a fun style, sexy silhouette, or function?
Sexy! Cabana sitting and sipping champagne or on a yacht is what I picture the woman wearing Mary Cozabella is doing...And having fun doing it!

Where can Mary Cozabella be purchased and at what price points?
On line and in select boutiques. Anywhere from $129-$209

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