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2011 American Eclectic Style

by Sofroina Timmons

First, you need attitude. Second, you need attitude and an image to go with it. Third...Robert Graham. Robert Graham is one of the leading men's lines created by Robert Stock. If you think adjectives describing fabrics and design like elegant, sophistication, decadent are descriptions for women, think again. Men can expect refined suits with subtle touches of fabric trim on sport coats and jackets; tailored three-piece suits combined with contemporary casual styles. I can go on and on...and I will!

Robert Graham is an American-based company that is inspired by Saville Row fashion for the refined man (please stand up!). This line has luxury stamped all over it, using an array of elements in time and place; cleverly and intricately mixing fabrics, trims and embroidery creating vintage motifs with historical cultural statements an awe-inspiring landmarks.

For all of the men who embrace attention when looking fabulous, you can look forward to fall 2011 collection: Freshly Laundered by Robert Graham.

How and why did the line start and why the departure from the Robert Graham sport shirt line?
I felt like the Robert Graham man had a need for more casual, weekend and daytime clothing. I wanted to be able to give him a casual look.

What is the meaning behind the name of Freshly Laundered Shirt Co.?

When Robert Graham originally started, all of our shirt tags said Robert Graham Freshly Laundered Shirt Co. - - The name Freshly Laundered by Robert Graham is just returning us to our roots.

What is the inspiration behind the fall 2011 Freshly Laundered by Robert Graham line?
Very American Eclectic just like the rest of the brand. We are taking classic, traditional stripes, plaids & checks and updating them with new colors and coup├ęs.

What celebrity would you say exemplifies this particular line?
Owen Wilson

Give us three words that you feel really describe the brand.
- Casual
- Updated
- Wearable

How do you stay competitive in the men's wear market?
I never sleep

What era in fashion does Freshly Laundered by Robert Graham most resemble?
It really transcends eras, the looks is very relaxed-classic so it is hard to pinpoint just one.

Speaking on behalf of men's wear as a whole, what do you think are the biggest trends right now?
The trends are anywhere from traditional prep to adventurous and exciting evening wear. Men's wear is really headed to a new and exciting place.

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