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Touché A.Ché

by Sofroina Timmons

Who would know a well-constructed suit that fits and conforms to the body's every move? A swimmer, who else?! A designer can design a beautiful piece, a stylist can assist on how it would look- but a natural swimmer turned designer can do all of that for you and more. If you understand a woman's body then you know that support, fit, function and comfort are priorities.

Designer Amanda Ché of A.Ché swimwear dazzled the audience this summer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week- Swim in Miami, FL. The 2012 collection has pure vibrant colors that emphasize tribal patterns, animal prints and solid hues. Each design has a unique cut and style complimenting any figure from petite to full-figure. And for the woman with a rack that won’t quit, Amanda has included an extended cup size to F. No more sacrifices to looking beautiful and show-casing your sexy anymore.

A.Ché contemporary swimwear is a unique integration of intimate apparel construction with the latest technology featuring artistic styling in fine Italian fabrics with under wires and push-up designs that redefine the modern-chic women of today. Amanda truly appreciates striking innovative designs that accentuate a woman's flawless attributes in swimwear.

How and why did A.Ché start and who started it?
I launched A.Ché in 2009 when I recognized a huge niche in the swimwear market. Women were in need of supportive, functional, fashionable swimwear and had nowhere to find it. Therefore, coming from a lingerie background and growing up by Malibu Beach, I naturally developed the idea of bra-sized and constructed, on trend, swimwear.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
Having the knowledge and skill of bra-fitting and construction is A.Ché's largest edge in the market. Other swimwear brands try to create bra tops but the truth is only a lingerie company can truly develop proper bra-fitting. It's a very delicate and intricate fit process and requires unique skills and experience that swimwear-only brands never get into. So that’s what really sets A.Ché apart in the marketplace.

What was the inspiration for your latest collection?
Last season I was really inspired by tribal influences, and warrior looks. My prints were full of animal skins in bright/bold colors, and very tailored sharp cuts, which the collection is known for. For our 2012 Runway in Miami Fashion Week, the girls were part of the A.Ché tribe in crusader painted bodies and chunky, elaborate, bohemian jewelry. The strong presence of bra-tops and perfectly fitted bottoms are always a shining element in every collection, with designs in mind for woman of all sizes.

What's next for A.Ché?
I am launching a cover-up line in the collection for 2012 so we're very excited about that!

What is the most important ingredient for a suit: a fun style, sexy silhouette, or function?
Naturally for A.Ché, functionality is our #1 priority. That's what makes someone pick an A.Ché silhouette over others. In fact, the very essence of A.Ché is just that - you don't have to sacrifice a fun, sexy silhouette for function.

What era in fashion does your collection most resemble?
A.Ché is always contemporary with some retro pieces mixed in. I'm always inspired by silhouettes from the 40's but constantly travel and stay on top of the latest trends and cutting edge technology to ensure my consumers always get the best of what’s available from around the world.

Who is your ideal client and why?
Women of all sizes and ages can find something in A.Ché. The ideal client is someone who needs or wants bra-support in their swimwear, whether for a push-up or a full coverage, there’s something for everyone. I've launched a new sub-collection this season as well called A.Ché Curves, which extends the sizing up to F which has been a great hit!

Where can A.Ché be purchased and at what price points?
A.Ché can be purchased on, major department stores and high-end boutiques around the country. To find a store near you visit for a complete retail list.

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