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Jewelry for the Season

by Sofroina Timmons

What's the finishing touch to every! Your fashion needs a broader statement and that's why simple pieces to the “wow factor” jewelry can coin your look and stamp its approval on anything you wear. However, you can’t wear just anything unless you are personally show-casing lia sophia Jewelry. You will not go wrong on any one of their selections; particularly The industrielle Red Carpet Collection. The sound of this collection's name makes you feel high-end, doesn't it? That's exactly what the lia Sophia Jewelry collection evokes: stunning, classic jewelry with a high-end utilitarian chic design.

lia sophia represents something every woman wants when stepping out her front door - - uniqueness in her style that separates her from the rest of the pack. All of the jewelry selections are feminine with an undertone of strength using turquoise, scrumptious tangerines and deep persimmons that are rich in color, all of which are descriptions of the 2011 summer color blends. And who would best show off this sought-after collection, the one-and-only Florida model that graced hundreds of magazine covers, Niki Taylor, - - she appears radiant and beautiful on the cover of the lia Sophia fall/winter catalog.

No matter what moment you're in there's a selection to add simple elegance in all the right places. Create your bohemian fashion with the Va-Va-Va Vintage line and re-define Baroque Opulence. Go for the Free To Be line when you are window shopping with a tunic, wide leg jean trousers and a wedge; or for the impromptu nights the line Natural Woman says it all.

How and why did lia sophia jewelry start and who started it?
The lia sophia company was originally called Act II Jewelry and was founded in 1972 by Beeline Fashions. However, jewelry has been a passion in the Kiam family for decades, so when Beeline put Act II Jewelry up for sale in 1986, my father-in-law, Victor Kiam, purchased the company and renamed it Lady Remington to align the brand with his high-profile and successful Remington shaver company. In 2004, my husband Tory and I renamed the company lia sophia and since then have elevated the brand to be the world’s leading fashion jewelry direct sales company, while at the same time providing an unparalleled opportunity for women to own their own businesses and become their own “CEO”s.

Explain the meaning behind the name lia Sophia Jewelry.
lia sophia name encompasses the three defining characteristics of our company: fashion, femininity and family. The name evokes the fashionable product we sell. It also pays homage to the fact that we are a company that seeks to empower women by providing them with meaningful earnings opportunities through our direct selling business model. And the name evokes family in that Lia and Sophia are the names of our two beautiful daughters, and represent a third generation of family involvement in the business, as well as our genuine commitment to provide a better life for the families of our more than 30,000 sales Advisors across the world through our products and our programs.

What was the inspiration for your newest collection?
The industrielle II Red Carpet Collection channels this vibe of utilitarian chic, and talks to the colors that we think are vital to this season such as vibrant turquoises, lush tangerines, and deep persimmons, all used with interesting materials in unexpected ways.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?
The beauty of lia sophia is that there is something for everyone. The lia sophia woman is genuinely beautiful on the inside, and enhances her outer beauty by showcasing her personal style through the pieces in our collections that best suit her individual character. We are so excited to have Niki Taylor on the cover of our 2011 fall/ winter catalog, because she truly is the embodiment of so much of what the essence of lia sophia is.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
lia sophia stays competitive by offering an unparalleled opportunity to women everywhere while providing our sales Advisors with new tools, channels, and initiatives to present our jewelry, our opportunity and our company to the world. Currently, we believe lia sophia offers the broadest range of fashion jewelry products at the best values of any of our competitors. We also believe lia sophia offers the highest product quality, including supporting each piece of jewelry sold with an unparalleled Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. We offer one of most lucrative earnings opportunities in the direct sales industry (a few of our sales reps actually earn seven figure annual commissions!) We even offer the Hostesses, who open up their homes to the parties where our jewelry is sold, unmatched benefits in terms of free and discounted jewelry. We have invested millions of dollars in our operational capabilities to make our shipping and customer service the best in the industry. Lastly, our extensive marketing support of the lia sophia brand through our outreach to the media via celebrities and events, we believe, has made lia sophia one of the premier brand names in fashion jewelry, if not the premier one.

What's next for lia sophia jewelry?
lia sophia is forever changing and expanding with the times. We are thrilled about our new videos, updates and information across all of our social media platforms and are looking forward to announcing exciting new collections, collaborations and partnerships in the future!

lia sophia is sold exclusively through lia sophia sales Advisors, who can be located through the company's Web site,

Pieces range from:
- Fall/Winter Catalog ($14 - $375)
- Special Edition ($24 - $98)
- industrielle II Red Carpet Collection ($125 - $525)