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Infinite Fashion and Beyond

by Sofroina Timmons
How many of us check the subconscious to request a board meeting to create motivation in order to improve our wellness? If you have started a mutiny against the two minds then try going beyond. It's similar to your chi, the place where if you are not so skilled in aerobics, step class, spinning, yoga, can still look like a health guru wearing fashionable pieces courtesy of i am BEYOND, the evolution of fitness wear.

Expect stunning pieces that take you beyond the gym, beyond the market, beyond the beach and poolside deck...just beyond anything. Fine reusable and recyclable fabrics are employed such as organic Pima Cotton, Modal French Terry, silk Voile and Supima Modal; all which are light weight flexible fabrics and excellent to wear in any season . You can shop by fabrics, size or activity. Your choices are unlimited including a performance Y-Back Cami that connects to your unfirmed secrets and creates a new beginning to your silhouette. This little number is very versatile. You can style it with the break of dawn yoga routine, morning run or land exercises. There’s also the outerwear which is stunning for any occasion going from the gym to zipping across town to meet the girls for a quick lunch.

You've probably already gushed at a few of these pieces in the movie Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts. i am Beyond's core mission is to create ensembles that give you a strong sense of feeling beautiful, powerful and centered.

Explain the meaning behind the name "i am BEYOND".
The line was originally called "Beyond Yoga" which had multiple meanings. First it meant that the line was for more than just yoga - meaning it was not only for other activities but extended into lifestyle. We found that people were intimidated or shied away from it when they heard the word yoga as if their inability or lack of desire to practice yoga meant they were not supposed to wear the clothes. Our tag line has always been i am beyond...with an empowering word after (inspired, motivate, flexible etc...) It was a natural transition to make that the brand name to include more people - we are all about inclusion!!

Give us some background info on the brand.
I started the company. It was originally called Beyond Yoga. The company started out of my love of yoga and how it transformed my life as well as my struggle growing up in Hollywood surrounded by skinny people and struggling with my weight to look and feel like I fit in. As a result I mastered the art of flattering a woman's body and wanted to bring that to an active wear/lifestyle line. Inspired by Donna Karen and her collection that truly considers the real woman - I set out to do the same. The line is made to fit and flatter everybody and everybody - fitting size 0 to size 16. With technology advancing as fast as it is and our word moving at faster and faster paces the need to keep up chases us - in order for today's modern woman to drive carpool, go to yoga and meet friends for lunch or head off to work requires us to be on the move - i am BEYOND - is for that woman - allowing for an effortless transition in style and comfort.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
Always trying to stay ahead of the curve. Everybody seems to want to be in this niche market due to the success of other lines that we don’t need to mention here - but we launched before that craze and continue to remain ahead of the curve - coming out with new styles and fabrics and staying authentic and true to our roots - simple, basic and chic.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?
Chic, sophisticated women who lead an active lifestyle. A career woman, a mom, a yogi, a college student, a grandma.

What was the inspiration for your newest collection?
We get our inspiration from all areas - people who inspire us, art, and high fashion.

What era in fashion does your collection most resemble?
It is current - simple, clean and basic.

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?
Active wear that easily transitions throughout your day - which is one of the biggest philosophies behind the line. In today's fast paced world with new technologies and information coming at you faster than ever - we need to be ready for anything - and clothing that allows for an effortless transition from carpool to yoga to lunch in style and comfort is the ultimate necessity!!

What's next for i am BEYOND?
Hopefully a flagship store and lots of great press!

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