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Relive Your Golden Era

by Sofroina Timmons
Introduce the poolside to the throwback look of glitz and glam. Grace your silhouette with a modern style that exudes the bold elegance of past years. If I have you interested in the retro look of the Golden Era then feast your eyes on Rockstar Swimwear. The swimwear has sateen finishes with elegant accents in the design of the innocent "pin-up girl" with a little hint of erotica.

This summer 2011 swim line Lilith is solely inspired by Betty Page in her yester-year sexy. New styles incorporate subtle seductive styles with a dark goddess appeal, which describes the line name. "Lilith" describes the goddess of strength; a woman who possesses the power to create a scene and not causing one. Will the real May West stand up and capture the essence of sheer independent dominance without breaking a nail!?

How did the collection start?
Rockstar Swimwear started two years ago in the heart of South Beach. The brand couples elegance and indulgence to create an entirely new brand of sexuality to attract the attention of fashion lovers across the globe. With accentuating cuts that makes any woman feel like a model, Rockstar Swimwear adds accents dramatic patterns allowing the wearer to stand out in the blur of bikini bodies at the beach and the poolside.

What is the most important ingredient for a suit: a fun style, sexy silhouette, or function?
Sexy silhouette is a must. Why else would we slink around half-naked?

How do you remain competitive in this market?
Being competitive in today’s market is based on two factors: being fashionable to reach the buyer’s taste and being affordable to reach their pockets. Everything I design comes from the heart [and] soul [and is] destined to reach buyer’s heart. It is the first rule of being competitive in the market.

What do you think are the biggest swimwear trends right now?
More American women are becoming comfortable with the Brazilian back on bikini bottoms.

What's next for Rockstar Swimwear?
I'm sensing Rock Legends coming to life.

Where can Rockstar Swimwear be purchased?
Rockstar Swimwear products are sold in select boutiques and on-line stores, and as well as at

Our Lilith and Rock Goddess collection bikinis retail between $40 to $85 per piece, top and bottoms are being sold separately to mix and match to the buyers' liking. With Rock Royalty exclusive collection, bikinis are sold as sets at retail price of $275, and one piece suits retail at $185.

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