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Lifestyles and Pop Culture

by Sofroina Timmons
If you're a comic buff like me, then you will want to dress to impress in one of the most recognizable action-figure tees by the vintage t-shirt company, Junk Food. Go all-out guys and wear a hoodie or jacket with a signature Marvel tee and jeans. For the ladies, we can dress our tees up with a pair of crop pants, shorts or a ruffled skirt. Whichever style you choose, wear your favorite action-figure with your head held high.

If you haven't heard about Junk Food then you are a millennium behind the times. Junk Food is known for its soft comfortable fabrics that display witty pop-culture artwork. They are the licensing powerhouse with distribution rights to multiple categories in our everyday lifestyle with comic characters, rock-n-roll, movies, sports and yes (pardon me), food!

Junk Food launched its 2011 Originals t-shirt line collection at Colette in Paris. The line collaborated with Coca-Cola in commemoration of the Coke's 125th anniversary. The line features tribute t-shirts featuring luxurious vintage graphics from the 50's. This month, we can all get these tees at boutiques and department stores from all over the world retailing from $45 to $100. Or you take the easy road and order online at for your walk down memory lane.

Give us some background info on Junk Food.
Junk Food was founded in 1998 by Natalie Grof and Blaine Halvorson, two creative entrepreneurs and friends that had a love for pop-culture and fashion.

What was the inspiration for your newest collection?
Our exclusive JF Originals collection for Coke at Colette was inspired by optimism and Coke's 125 years of happiness. The t-shirt has always been a vehicle of self-expression and our designs for Colette are seen through an optimistic and whimsical lens, with hand-drawn graphics elements and a lo-fi human feel. The Junk Food Originals collection is inspired by the original graphic tees from the 1950s, with simpler artistic styles, relaxed fits, and iconic American licenses.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?
Anyone who wants a good, classic vintage t-shirt with remarkable authentic details such as ladder stitching, proprietary vintage washes, and amazingly soft fabrics.

What does "Junk Food" mean?
It refers to feel-good comfort food. We are the original vintage t-shirt company and a lot of our licenses have retro feel-good memories and bring a smile or a chuckle to your face.

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?
Customization and hand-done detailing. We think this all feels really fresh. Also, art, design, features, fabrics.

What celebrity would you say exemplifies Junk Food's style and why?
We've always been very popular with the young Hollywood set and are very much an LA brand in our heritage because our clothes are always easy, stylish, and comfortable. We have a very large celebrity fan base including- recent street pictures include Zac Efron, Megan Fox, and Ashley Greene.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
Through authentic and cool product that reflects pop-culture. Our price points are approachable – we have always been in the top stores throughout the world but have always been around $30-40, making us accessible and occupying a unique position in the marketplace.

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