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The Modern DESIred Jean

by Sofroina Timmons
For your lifestyle, the perfect jean has to be designed differently for any occasion and has to be versatile for everyday wear. There is such a jean and the brand is DESI jeans - - the sister jeans to DRT! Donald Johannesson and Gary Lenett collaborated to design and create a jean that easily incorporates into a woman's busy lifestyle. The DESI line caters to the curvy, full-figured woman that doesn't lack in any angle. Whoop-whoop!

DESI is constructed in a Canadian style with a European driven trend and a dash of smart design and sophistication. For the women who were not blessed with the shapely assets their DESI's new innovative techniques "lipoconstruction" adds lift, curve and shape to areas needed. A jean surgery without the table and bright lights!

DESI jean addresses the new woman who continues to evolve. Think: sleek-fitting, sophisticated style and contemporary designs without compromising comfort. If you haven't discovered your perfect jean start desiring DESI Jeans.

What is the genesis of DESI?
DESI was born in the spring of 2009. I had moved to Vancouver from Montreal in June of 2007. By chance, I happened to meet Gary Lenett, President of Dish Jeans Ltd, and we began talking about how we might collaborate on something, having heard of each other for years, without ever having met, because we had been dealing with the same commodity (jeans) and the same customers in Canada for years - it's a small country! We came upon the realization that there were a lot of Contemporary jean lines, there were a few Missy jean lines, but there were no real jean companies offering Contemporary looks in Missy fit for today's modern women. There were some sportswear-based companies attempting to do it but they lacked the expertise in fit, fabrics, and finish that we knew we could provide. And with the demographics within the 35+ women's category exploding every year we felt the market was more than ready for this hybrid denim jean. The first collection produced was for spring '10, released for ultra-fast delivery in September of '09, to an amazing response.

What was the inspiration for your newest collection?
For the fall '11 collection the design team has done an awesome job. DESI's paradigm is built around FIT. At a certain age it's just natural - a woman's body changes. Suddenly she finds she is just not comfortable squeezing into her Contemporary jeans any more. She's conscious of the ever-dreaded "muffin-top" - real or imagined. Plus, at this certain age, women's shapes change to be dramatically different from one body to the next - suddenly that mostly universal fit of "younger" jean lines isn't so universal!

So DESI has been designed with different fits to suit different shapes, providing great looks combined with ultimate comfort. And to take that even further, for Fall '11 the designers have concentrated on an amazing new fabric development in a traditional denim weave spun using stretch fibers in both directions (length and width) - DESI's new 2WAY STRETCH 2B FREE program. Now, not only does this woman get the fit that's perfect for her shape, hugging and shaping and controlling in all the right places, but now she gets the added comfort of a fabric that moves with her like a second skin. Add to that a mix of finely tuned classics and beautifully embellished fashion jeans in dark indigo, medium indigo hand-sanded for aging, black, chocolate, blue/black, and charcoal, in boot cuts, slim straight, and trouser silhouettes, rounded off by incredibly versatile jeggings, a skirt, and a blazer - she's all set to start building a great wear-anywhere wardrobe that she'll be able to add to with each new season from DESI. And no more worries and traumas about finding that jean that fits - DESI has solved that dilemma once and for all. Cool hip looks that fit... simple... well, now it is! So, the short answer? Our inspiration was the women who wear the product... they are our true celebrities!

What era in fashion does DESI most resemble?
I think of DESI as a totally modern jean line for that totally modern woman we serve to please. There may be slight iconic references to 80's and 70's and 50's details but these are always treated with totally 21st Century aesthetics to keep our jeans moving into the future rather than dwelling in the past. Our customers have been there - they like the familiarity but in small-dose references only. She only wants to look of the moment and feel modern!

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?
To me it's not a detail or a specific touch point. It's simply that women are finally understanding that fashion is NOT following blindly what someone else says is "in." It has finally reached the time where women want to wear what suits them best and what they feel most comfortable in. Hence the perfect DESI philosophy for these times..."helping women love the genes they were born with, and wear the jeans that they truly love"...that's how we approach every single DESI customer and every single DESI day!

Where can DESI be purchased?
DESI is sold in better independent retailers throughout Canada and the USA. As well, certain selected styles are available through the online shopping area of our website

Prices range from $82 to $110 - Premium and yet affordable!!!

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