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Serve Fashion with DRT

by Sofroina Timmons
Each year we do away with jeans as if they are no use to us anymore. Let's thank Donald Johannesson, Creative Director for Dish Jeans Ltd, home of Dish, DRT, and DESI jeans for an exemplary, noble gesture to save us from our conventional habits.

Johannesson believes jeans are a sustainable, durable quality fabric that should not be replaced quickly. Producing jeans since 1978, Dish Jeans Ltd. specifically focus on being earth-friendly which allows us to live in harmony with nature. Johannesson's longevity and experience has ensured one of the best wearing jeans in the fashion industry; using simple classic indigo ringspun denim and complex finishes that add just enough distressing to soften and give character to each individual jean. DRT has constructed stress points using complex finishing methods that look aged to allow the wearer to become one entity after each wash.

Fabric and washes are available in organic and organic blends such as HYDRA, a clean dark indigo base with touches of light hand-sanding and whiskering with crimped accents on the upper thighs and pockets adding the perfect 3D effect; TRITON, a dark base rinse wash with a copper tint; RINSE, a classic DRT indigo denim in a rinse; KEROS, a slightly darker version of Nero with a slight vintage tint and a blue grey finish; HADES, a dark stone wash with light hand-sanded accents and edge grinding touches on the front and back pockets, waistband and hem; ARES, the quintessential rock 'n roll wash!! Dark base with a copper tint, heavy multi layered hand-sanding, and whiskering along with heavy edge grinding along pocket edges and hem give this wash the perfect aged look. There is also NERO, a medium stonewash with light hand-sanding and whiskering details; TIVOLI - medium stone wash features hand sanding and whiskering accents. There are edge grinding touches on the pockets, waistband and hem; SAVONA, a lightly resined wash which brings out the true indigo of the denim. This wash also features hand sanding accents and soft wraparound crimping and RHODES, this is a medium stone wash with whiskering and hand-sanded accents. This wash also has a cream tint. Styles vary in boot cut, relaxed straight and slim straight.

Give us some background info on DRT.
DRT (can you say, "Dirt"?) was born to passionately pursue the production of eco-friendly premium quality jeans as an alternative to disposable fast fashion. Dish's President, Gary Lenett, was appalled to learn that each year 67lbs of clothing per person ends up in landfills! He decided to build a better men's jean, one dictated by long-term trends rather than fleeting fads, and one constructed to last a long time (including durable re-enforcements in all high stress areas and great strong ringspun denims and complex finishes softening and/or distressing just enough to give initial character, but leaving most of the individualized aging process to normal usage by the wearer). Our mantra in every jean we produce is that quality clothing will last longer, using up fewer resources in the long run.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?
Each season, DRT is designed to touch a different part of every man’s character. There are the City elements of clean and dark for the metrosexual living and working in high stress situations building modern careers; Adventurer elements take the man out of the city and out of his comfort zone to experience aspects of the extreme culture in bread and butter washes – not too clear yet not too aggressive; the free-spirited Hippy is addressed in more relaxed and aged elements of the line in fit and finish, always aware of the affect his choices make on the earth; and the Rocker has his more extreme silhouettes and treatments to let him stand out from the rest of the crowd. In other words, for every varied ego come great jeans in DRT!

Explain the meaning behind the name "DRT."
The name "DRT" is a modern play on the word "Dirt" which really resonates with all things natural and elemental in our lives. It touches our spirits as essential to life as water and air! It also harkens back to simpler ways of life and therefore grounds us in our hectic modern world. A bit organic (in philosophy), a bit rock (in influences), and a bit down-to-earth (in outlook), DRT adheres to its core values of unpretentious simplicity and durability.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
At DRT we believe in giving great value for the jeans we produce. Our slogan is "Premium quality jeans at sensibly affordable prices" and we work hard to maintain that truth. We are able to keep our production costs within certain levels in order to provide great denims and original on-trend washes at prices well under our premium brand competitors. In these days of rising cotton prices it's not an easy undertaking but it's our commitment to our retailers and consumers so we find a way!
What do you think are the biggest trends right now? In fits, Rocker slim straights or slim boot cuts (for those not quite ready to totally rock skinnies!). In washes, clean and dark or sensibly used, sanded, sometimes aged and tinted - everything exuding comfort through ultra-soft hands.

Where can DRT be purchased and at what price points?
DRT is available throughout North America at better independent retailers as well as through our online shopping at

Prices range between $118 and $135...definitely within our promise of Premium quality jeans at sensibly affordable prices!

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