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Adore Azure

by Sofroina Timmons
Start off your summer swimwear featuring excitement, dazzling rich colors and cuts that contour a woman's physique. Azure swimwear offers flirty, sexy and edgy designs just in time for the summer. Azure swimwear was established in 2009 by designer Leslie Davis, a Venezuelan with a spicy Latin background who was reared in the United States with all of her culture intact. Leslie was influenced by many other cultures, which helped her when she created the chic and sexy 2011 swimwear collection. Leslie's niche is combining rich and organic colors which contribute to the gorgeous gemstones and embellishment that emphasize the intricate details that ultimately come together to create sexy designs - - a jaw-dropping effect happens all the time.

Selections are Beach Goddess, Boho Bombshell, Nautical Sensation and Seaside Glamour, all of which are sold in bikini styles and can be sold as separates. You can get a bird’s eye view of her latest collection in the 2011 swimsuit issue of SI (Sports Illustrated), the California Apparel news,, OK Magazine and naturally yours truly,

Explain the meaning behind the brand.
The word Azure comes from the old French word azur meaning the color blue. When I thought of the color blue it reminded me of water and the outdoors, which is an element that I am very inspired by when creating designs for Azure Swim. I just felt that this organic color was a great name for my swimsuit line.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?
My collection is for someone that is fun, energetic, and confident. I would love to see Jessica Biel in Azure Swim. She is someone that just radiates natural beauty and confidence!

What was the inspiration for your latest collection?
Some of the looks that I love are Old Hollywood glamour, Minimalism, nautical and Bohemian so when creating a design, I try to combine different elements. I am also very inspired by the outdoors and try to incorporate this into my designs.

What era in fashion does your line/collection most resemble?
My swimsuit line is a cross between minimalism, a little 50s glamour, and Boho.

What item is a must-have while you are at the beach?
Besides a bikini, I would absolutely say sunscreen! I am a huge believer in taking care of your skin and keeping a healthy glow. After all, if you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, how are you supposed to feel confident in a swimsuit?

What's next for Azure?
I would love to start a line of cocktail dresses. When shopping for one, I always have something very specific in mind and for some reason I am never able to find it! I would love to incorporate the signature look of Azure Swim and combine many different elements and inspiration into a dress line.

Where can Azure be purchased and at what price point?
Our collection can be purchased at and the swimsuits average around $175.

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