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A Fantastic Swimsuit Experience

by Sofroina Timmons

Every girl needs one amazing swimsuit- one that she can trust and allows her to look stunning with one glance. A swimsuit should be an allegory about a beautiful protagonist wearing striking color combinations, sexy cuts and a touch of splendor. For spring 2011 swimwear is all about identifying your beauty and feeling beautiful.

Manuela and Amalia Sierra's swimwear line, Maaji, has a spring 2011 collection called Flying Tales, which is a fanciful dream of heroism, strength, power and dominance. All of the substances that create today's modern woman. The inspirations for this line are the comics. The well-constructed suits are creative with bits of bright colorful art pieces that incorporate geometric shapes of romanticism, a strong retro emphasis with tons of fascination.

The suits are nostalgic traditional prints and are recreated to give the impression of a symphony cartoon-like aesthetics, projecting an orchestra of phrases in a universe of visual metaphors. Anyone who possesses a weak character will surely get a rocket-boosted esteem wearing any one piece from this 2011 spring collection. And while donning your super-feminine powers, each piece features constructed pleats, folds and shapes with cross-front references and diagonal cuts that are sure to delight the sun rays as well as the moonlight. You can be the first this spring to create a bang.

Tell us about your collection?
Maaji Swimwear is a Family business owned by Manuela and Amalia Sierra. Both of them are business school graduates that always had a passion for design and a special interest in swimwear. Besides administrating the company they have always participated actively in the whole design process.

What does the name of the brand mean?
Maaji is the name of a fish that is found mainly in the coast of Thailand, which was the inspiration for our first collection.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
We are always exploring different ways to construct our garments and looking for inventive details that make them special. There is always something new to discover in all of our collections.

What do you have upcoming for the Maaji brand?
We want to put a lot of effort into our accessories collection that complements really well our swimwear line. This includes sandals, beach bags and cover-ups. We already have a lingerie line and we have really exciting surprises for our next collection on this line.

What item is a must-have while you are at the beach?
I think a nice beach bag is a very good complement to go with your bikini.

What is the most important ingredient for a suit: a fun style, sexy silhouette, or function?
I think a fun style is great, for us fun is sexy.

What do you think are the biggest swimwear trends right now spring 2011?
Prints - - instead of opting for full plain colors, we love optical and geometrical prints, floral, mini-prints, polka dots and stripes, they all can be mixed and enhance your look for this summer. One-Shoulders - - asymmetrical shapes can give you a fashionable, original and different appearance. Flirty Ruffles - - look very girly and feminine with ruffles embellishing your swimsuits. Bold Bandeaus - - though bandeaus have been in previous seasons, they come with new styles combined with amazing colors and prints.

Where can Maaji be purchased and at what price point?
It can be purchased online at and the price point is around $120 US.

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