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Beautiful Disaster

by Yvette Coleman

The newest “feel good” lifestyle wear comes from Beautiful Disaster, a new clothing line that celebrates sexy and comfort while being fashion-forward. The brand captures the essence of current trends with its audience of women who devote themselves to the “next big thing” whether it be internet shrines to themselves or checking out the newest disasters in gritty magazines or reality TV shows.


Founded by Christie Lowe and business partner (Dave of Handsome Devil), Beautiful Disaster was created as an alternative to all of the other lines that are timid and subtle. Lowe wanted to create a collection that represents her, a woman who works hard, plays hard and is not afraid to say what's on her mind. The expression of her collection of “feel good” t's allows a woman to give a glimpse of her naughty side with a blend of the craziness within realty.


The brand's name is intriguing in itself - - essentially, being able to be beautiful on the outside and a complete disaster on the inside. “We don't discriminate because every female on this planet is a little bit of both, if you don't think that applies to you we dare you to ask some of your closest friends or maybe even family!  You can be a sweetheart and a bitch at the same time, its ok, you're allowed! Our line allows you to express your inner Sass.”


Dave adds: “Christie is an anomaly, she works harder than any other woman I know and yet can still tell you anything you need to know about who is cheating on who in Hollywood, who has just gone into rehab and who just left.  She always cuts an imposing figure wherever she goes and not just because of her Amazonian presence but because no matter what the venue, within 5 minutes you know she's in the room.  She is indeed a social hand grenade and as you can probably imagine her inbox is always full of invites!”


 In a world without MySpace how have you succeeded?


Beautiful Disaster existed before MySpace, before anyone knew who Paris Hilton, Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan were. It is a feeling, an emotion, a natural dichotomy that women have been torn between since the beginning of time...good and bad; mistresses and concubines, the control we have over powerful men and the paparazzi that eats up our every move because it all makes for fascinating stories! Ladies like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Paige.  


Biggest Trends right now and what you are tired of:


As of right now today the biggest trends are the over embellished tees with a twist of tattoo, maybe blinged out with rhinestones. Personally I never think bling and shimmer are a bad thing but let's get serious here, have you ever hear of the word OVERDONE. I don't see this trend lasting very much longer. Take a walk down Melrose and you almost can't tell the stores apart anymore. That's where we intend to stand out, with Beautiful Disaster you will not find us changing with the trends, you will see us improve with time but never jumping on the train of dull and played out!


Beautiful Disaster thinks it is much better to be an individual to have opinions and to put the fun back into the tee shirt!


Any plans for a mens line? Every Beautiful Disaster has to have a Handsome Devil to play with right?  So check out our men's line at


What's next for Beautiful Disaster?


Daisy De La Hoya from Rock of Love 2 with Brett Michaels [has her won show] VH1's “Daisy of Love”, and she loves Beautiful Disaster”.  In fact we have teamed up with her to produce a limited edition line of designs! Look for it on our website and all over the streets of Hollywood where Daisy frequents. Look for Beautiful Disaster and Handsome Devil all season long on Daisy's show.


In the future we intend to branch out into other areas like Denim, Cosmetics and More.


Words of advice for breaking into the business.


To quote one of my favorite fashion moguls Russell Simmons: 'Do You'. You have to be authentic and real. If you think you can take the core of what someone else has already done and do it better you are dead wrong. Dig deep, and don't be afraid. The best results come from the scariest decisions, go with your gut!”


 Price range is $20 to $50 for tees, tanks, hoodies and hats


Available at is our website, watch their myspace bulletins and blogs for special offers at     

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