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T.I.T.S: Tees For The Guys' Aesthetic

by Sofroina Timmons
Printed t-shirts have become somewhat monotonous. At least those that appear not to have had a proper gestation period. A printed t-shirt from owner and founder Marek Grubel of T.I.T.S (that's right) can actually become a conversational piece and will cause many to stare. Each shirt design is vivid in color and has life-like women posing tastefully with a bad-ass connotation. By the way, the acronym stands for Two In The Shirt.

And for the record, ladies, this is a man's-man tee. The ideal man who's bold enough to wear a vision of art is one who exudes big brass ones - - he is often spotted with a handful of models and the idea of marriage is never considered.

If you're more into the GQ look, try wearing one of these beauties with a blazer, boot-cut jean (flip the hem twice) and the latest trendy collection in sneakers. If this describes you fellas, then feel free to express and show-off your ideal woman. You won't go wrong guys. All in favor? ME!

How did the brand start?
It was started because I (Marek) was tired of all the whack brands that were out in '06. I was over wearing only logo based clothing so I decided to start a brand based off of something that I enjoy...TITS.

What was the inspiration for your newest collection?
We aren't like other brands, our collections are to be worn at any point during the year and years to come so you wouldn't be able to decipher if this was from a spring collection or a winter collection. The designs are based off of concepts, which I get from traveling, or things that are going on day to day.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
We always stay 10 steps ahead...We love to top what we have already done.

What do you do to help with the going green movement?
We do everything in-house for our tees which cuts down on fuel and pollution. We also use all recyclable items in the office. We only print what is needed.

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?
Sushi...just kidding. Clean real simple designs.

What trends are you tired of?

What's next for T.I.T.S.?
More great shit with celebs, better concepts, better collabs. Better everything.

Any plans for a women's line in the future?
We already have a women's line but the ladies in the office have been working on revamping it and there will be a lot of new things coming in 2011.

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