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The Ideal Symbol for Romance

by Sofroina Timmons

2Eros (pronounced Zeros or To Eros) has created its mark on men's underwear, swimwear, shorts and the new addition, trendy wrist sweat bands that add a bit of flavor to a man's personality. The brand sports a logo that is two circles representing the assets, sex, virility and passion of a man. All of the apparel has bold bright colors and subdued hues that show well in natural light. Styles are subtle risqué designs for men who are not afraid to be different.

2Eros' swimwear and shorts can be worn at the beach, pool or the gym. You can choose from selections vanish, black label, victory series and icon series. The underwear collections include Icon Classic (the first collection), Icon2, Icon3 and the Icon Racer selections. All styles are either in speedo, mid-briefs or briefs design and fit quite snug with a raised wide rubber waist band for a comfortable fit. You can choose from an array of colors and trims for contrast. This brand is definitely all about the sex appeal of a man and loving it.

How did 2Eros start and who started it?
Jason Hoeung, 2EROS founder and designer, has always been passionate about fashion and design...perhaps growing up with parents who owned a clothing production company had something to do with it. So when it came time to finally deciding on which career path to take, the apple was never going to fall far from the tree! He started working in multimedia design but found that it wasn’t satisfying his creative needs so with much deliberation; he turned his back on his career to focus his energies in creating his own swimwear label.
Launched in June 2008, his pioneer fashion label 2EROS is now synonymous with confidence and has been well received both locally and internationally.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
By not following what everyone else is doing. We give our customers something new. There's no point in delivering something that is already out there. The reason being that there hasn't been any male swimwear on the market, which leans more towards the fashion, rather than sporty side.
Hoeung continues: Not everyone wears swimming trunks for sporting purposes! I realized that more and more guys wanted swimwear which represented them, something that moves away from the standard cut into something more stylish, sleek and bold that would better embody what a cheeky and confident kind of guy would want.

What was your inspiration for your spring 2011 collection?
2EROS is a swimwear Brand that is constantly designing for summer for both Northern and Southern Hemisphere. We are influenced by pop culture from around the world. We love experimenting with bold colors and are not afraid to use them.

What celebrity would you say exemplifies 2Eros' style and why?
David Beckham, ultra stylish and trendsetting. Zac Efron, the epitome of the gorgeous guy, charming, confidence and down to earth.

What is one thing about 2Eros that you would love the consumer to know?
2EROS is branching out into beachwear/resort wear and not just a swimwear and underwear brand. 2EROS will introduce more shorts, Singlets, T-shirts and costume jewelry.

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