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The Tee Party for Men

by Sofroina Timmons

Men are simple but classic dressers. If you are an undershirt guy then you know it is imperative to have a well-fitted tee. You want no worries of the tee losing its shape, taking a pair of scissors to the neckline and praying the sleeves do not roll up at the sight of another long sleeve. If you have any of these complaints with a few more you can end your quest in search of the perfect under shirt.

RibbedTee has corrected all of your woes with un-tucking, bunching and sagging collars; no more fit and shape loss wash after wash and no more rising over the waistline giving your 6-pack a false illusion. Men raise your mugs to the ceiling and hale Mike Schwartz, founder of for designing a product to look, fit and feel comfortable all day.

RibbedTee has selections for any wardrobe. The Classic Tees come in Classic Crew and Classic V-Neck which provide a super-soft Classic Fit stretch ribbed cotton that is lightweight and breathable keeping you dry all day as well as a close and comfortable wear. The new Retro Fit comes in Crew Neck and Retro Fit V-Neck that is a loose knit, stylish relaxed slim-fit jersey that no longer is made of Towncraft 50/50 undershirts. The microRib (launched in 2010) is made of Lenzing Micro Modal/Pima cotton that adds an ultra-soft silky smooth feel. All styles are tag-less and range in colors from White, Black and Heather Grey.

How and why did RibbedTee start and who started it?

Like many others, I got hit by the recession and was unexpectedly laid-off in November 2007. While looking for work (and recovering from knee surgery), I came across the entrepreneur TV show The Big Idea and it inspired me to do something I had been thinking about for years. I always had a tough time finding undershirts that fit me properly. They were either too loose or too tight, too short or simply just not comfortable to wear. I searched for a better fitting and feeling, yet affordable undershirt for years, but could never find one that I truly enjoyed wearing. Once I saw the show, I decided it was time to make it myself - that is when the idea of RibbedTee was born. In mid-2008, I took a $10k cash advance from one of my credit cards and launched the company and our staple product, the Classic Fit undershirt. It addressed the major fit issues (untucking, bunching, and sagging collars). The product was a hit and RibbedTee was cash-flow positive within 10 months.

Tell us more about the name of the brand?

Our initial product, the Classic Fit undershirt, was a hybrid of a ribbed tank top and a standard white tee. While contemplating what we would name the product line, my wife smartly suggested we keep it simple and call it what it was - a ribbed tee. Once proposed, it was the obvious choice.

What era in fashion does your collection most resemble?

Our undershirts are timeless, but we most resemble products from 60s through 80s.

How do you remain competitive in this market?

Some brands focus solely on the utility of the undershirt. Others direct their efforts only solving problems. And the remainder does not do either, but release products to have an offering in the category.

Our goal at RibbedTee is to take the utility out of wearing undershirts and turn that into designing products that people simply want to wear. We look to identify the problems with todays undershirts, then design solution products that look, fit and feel better than any others in their class.

What was the inspiration for your newest collection?

In early March we are introducing our new Retro Fit undershirt line - an updated version of the once favorite, but no longer available Towncraft undershirt from the 70s - 90s. The originals were so popular in fact, once people became aware we were launching our version, they started sending in product reservation requests and we've allocated nearly all our initial inventory to the people on the waiting list.

What celebrity would you say exemplifies the style of RibbedTee and why?

Will Smith - because he can make an undershirt look amazing in nearly every situation; James Dean - because of the coolness factor.

What is next for the RibbedTee line?

We are currently developing two other products that we hope to launch sometime in 2011, but we are going to keep it a surprise for the time being. We have no plans to launch a womens line just yet.

Where can RibbedTee can be purchased where and at what price points?

You may purchase our complete collection at - - Our Classic Fit line is also available at our Underwear Subscription partner

Classic Fit - 2 pack - $18.50 - $20.50 Retro Fit - 2 pack - $27.90 MicroModal Undershirt - Single - $29 MicroModal Tank Top - Single $25

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