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The Up-Keep to Keep Me

by Sofroina Timmons

After a long full day of work, social activities and map questing your way through traffic, haven't you daydreamed about walking through your front door- automatically your clothes fly off and the softest most luxurious lounge wear drapes your body and you float to your comfy couch?! I actually had this experience...scout's honor! You can have this too when you become a Keep Me Girl wearing the Keep Me collection, which is a wonderfully interchangeable lounge wear line that incorporates your lifestyle. Keep Me can be worn while you relax, go to the gym or make a mad dash to the market.

For me Keep Me is best when I enjoy a glass of wine while sitting on my terrace. Patriotic fashionistas will be happy to know that Keep Me merchandise is made in the US of A; operated by and family-owned in a factory in downtown Los Angeles. Owners Ali Kay and Anne des Barres have made a strong bid to corner the cozy yet sexy market by producing sophisticated styles that capture the essence of how your downtime should be spent and enjoyed.

Explain the meaning behind the name...Keep Me.
We joked that a woman who was a keeper would have a wardrobe for her time spent around the house with her significant other that was as appealing as her wardrobe of clothing for outside of the home. Basically, she would look beautiful and put-together ALL of the time, not just when she ventured outside of her house. We didn't love the name Keeper, so Ali's cousin, Andrea, suggested we go with Keep Me. The name stuck immediately.

What was the inspiration for your newest collection?
We don't actually work in collections anymore. We like to think of ourselves as a constant collection of the best, most perfect, tried-and-true loungewear basics that we keep around and introduce in new colors. We always offer the same beloved styles you can return to all the time. We have begun to add styles as we believe they are needed in order to fortify the collection, rather than on a seasonal basis. For instance, if we decide we are missing a great bra-friendly tank top, we will take the time to focus on developing the ideal version of that one item. For this reason, our inspiration usually comes from our lives in Malibu on a daily basis and our designs are constantly informed by our desire to create the ultimate in comfort.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
We are constantly analyzing our business model and making changes as they are needed for us to stay relevant and competitive. On the business-side, we are not only very focused and analytical but also incredible flexibly, which has been our key to success thus far.

What is one thing about Keep Me that you would love the consumer to know?
We want the consumer to know that once she owns one Keep Me item, she will almost positively want to own many others. Also, we truly aim to please our customers and that is why we list our personal email addresses on our website. We don't want any confusion or mix-ups when it comes to servicing them; we are here to assist our customers.

What's next for Keep Me?
We are currently developing sweat pants and sweatshirts that will definitely become can't-live-without wardrobe staples for our customers and we are so excited to launch them. We are going to start dressing our customers for all of their leisure time, not just the leisure time they spend at home. For us, this is a thrilling prospect.

Where can Keep Me be purchased? - - $20 - $100 a piece

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