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Feet That Sparkle: FlipOut Sandals

by Sofroina Timmons
My all-time favorite relaxed, comfortable footwear is the flip flop. I usually have at least two pairs in my car just in case my show heels put in some OT. If you're like me and need a pair that complements your decadent wardrobe then try FlipOut Sandals! You can choose a FlipOut Sandal or the FlipOut Haute Jelly. This creative line is designed by Advertising Agency owners Cheryl Hamersmith-Stewart and Tracey Hunter of Hunter, Hamersmith and Associates located in Miami, Florida, who were tired of not having a suitable sandal to wear on their travels to photo shoots at some of the world's beautiful islands.

Each sandal is magnificently ornamented with twist-on pendants (no clipping or snapping for these little numbers) allowing it to stay on securely and for a longer wear. Unlike your traditional flip-flops that are worn as basic wear, FlipOut Sandals can be worn in many different ways with any outfit. For example, you are having a wedding and your maids have been assigned to wear tough heels for the entire night. Fret no more for their sweet piggies, FlipOut Sandals has flip-flops and jellies for to make it an auspicious occasion. You can deck the girls feet out with a white flip flop from the Classic Crystal line or if you're feeling posh, the Couture Crystal line.

You have the option to choose FlipOut Sandals in two fashion forward lines. The first line has a traditional Brazilian FlipOut Flip-Flop that is offered in colors of black, metallic copper, metallic silver and white. The trendy yet comfortable FlipOut Haute Jelly is available in pink, clear and smoke. Both stylish pairs come complete with two sets of removable floral design ornaments that will compliment a variety of looks.

Explain the meaning behind FlipOut Sandals.
Like us, we needed a name that didn't take itself too seriously. The feeling we wanted to express was one that was fun just like the shoes! The name came to us as we were flipping on and off the different ornaments. We tried them in so many different combinations, and we flipped out!

How do you remain competitive in this market?
We have all the perfect ingredients...a unique product that's high in quality and offered at a very competitive price point. Similar style sandals go for close to $75 and offer much less versatility. That's why we think this product is just amazing. It's literally multiple shoes in one and super fashionable.

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?
Like you said, consumers are more conscious of their spending than ever right now and trying to stretch their dollar. Getting the most out of their purchase is a top priority and that's why FlipOut Sandals are so great, you get multiple shoes in one!

What era in fashion does Flipout Sandals most resemble?
Our line is current and modern but we just couldn't resist adding a little bit of our love of 60's flair throughout our marketing.

FlipOut Sandals are available at

FlipOut Sandals start at just $19.99 and include two free ornaments. FlipOut Jellies start at just $34.99 and include two free ornaments. Additional ornaments start at just $9.99.

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