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Reppin the Stylish UNCL

by Sofroina Timmons
A man who can design his own clothes and coin the phrase Essence of Uncing is all right in my book. That's right [un-k─źng] - verb (used without object), definition: to move at your own pace in your own time. Related forms: indulge, leisure...need I go on?

Up-and-coming (currently USC football athletes) designers Ahmed Mokhtar and Drew Ness aspire to become household names and design comfortable men's athletic wear. The soft t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts and pants are uniquely designed and stand apart from traditional velvet, cotton or cashmere outerwear. Mokhtar had an epiphany while on the football field - - he essentially wondered why there isn't a brand on the market that offered fit, comfort and of course style .

Comparing his lifestyle from his laid-back roots of southern California and the busy schedule of school, he decided to create a line that would fit an active man's needs. After partnering with Ness, the duo decided to pursue their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs and UNCL was born. After all, who doesn't need a pair of sweats to put on for leisure outings or just lazily hanging out at home? Each UNCL item of clothing has the signature logo U which represents luxury and leisure in every man's life.

Explain the meaning behind the name of the brand.
It's pronounced uncle. Stereotypically, it is the uncle in every person's family who is the cool, comfortable family member.

Give us three words that best describe the brand.
Ah, there's so many...extraordinary comfort, simple, fresh, A-Must-Have-Essential. People have described the clothing as angel fur and clouds.

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?
Simplistic trends, shifting out of blatant designs.

Where can UNCL be purchased?
UNCL can be purchased online at and at retail stores in Southern California including The Closet, a premiere boutique in Orange County. Price point ranges from $25 - $50.

Any plans for a women's line in the future?
Anything is possible. Not sure about a whole women's line just yet, but definitely we will add women's essentials relatively soon. And though we are a men's brand, women LOVE the clothes as well. I have heard many girlfriends stealing their beau's UNCL sweats!

What's next for UNCL?
Major department store accounts- introducing new styles and colors and essentials as well as limited editions -and possibly women's essentials and become a household name.

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