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The Unstated Charm of Scarves

by Sofroina Timmons
A scarf is a much-needed accessory this season. Scarves can be paired with any outfit and become useful for those unexpected breezy evenings. I for one do not leave the Fashion Cove without them! However, they're so many prints, textures and styles to choose from. When looking for the perfect scarf, KISS(Keep It Style Simple) method. Alyssa Wasko, designer and creator of Donni Charm Scarves has hit it on the nail by adding a bit of a twist to this simple accessory.

Upon the notice of her father's unexpected passing, Wasko turned to design for emotional healing and her collection was born in 2009. Even though her business was started after an unpleasant memory, Wasko and her mother have improved their company into a thriving and joyful business.

All of Donni Charm Scarves are designed with a trend setting knot and personal metal charms that give an intimate impression while hugging you stylishly around your neck. Her current lines are Donni Ange, Donni Charm, Donnie Embrace, Donni Forever Touch, and Donni Keepsake.

Alyssa Wasko answers a few questions:

Tell us a little more about the genesis of the Donni Charm Scarves.
The creation of donni charm was never planned; it was a happy accident. I created a scarf for a friend and myself during a difficult period of my life after the loss of my father. Once we started wearing them everyone wanted them, and it just exploded.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?
Anyone from middle schoolers, to my grandma and her friends, and everyone in between.

What was the inspiration for your newest collection?
For the upcoming spring collection, I was inspirited by the sky. Everything is light and airy, and includes some sort of wing print or charm.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
By creating scarves that aren't on the market, while staying classic and comfortable.

What's next for Donnie Charm Scarves?
Expanding distribution as well as expanding to new product categories.

You can purchase Donni Charm Scarves at boutiques across the US and Canada, Japan, Korea, and Mexico or you can just make a mad dash to your computer and visit and order a scarf for each outfit that hangs in your wardrobe. The scarves run from $70-$99

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