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The Declaration of Jean Independence

by Sofroina Timmons

Article I of the Constitution of Jeans states that all bipartisans (A-Lister's are added to the clauses) of the Liberal Jean Country shall wear a quality jean that serves multiple fashion purposes in order to form a more perfect jean union. In order for this young nation to achieve such jean-euphoria, the citizens will be equipped with a top quality, competitively priced pair of jeans, known simply as Democracy.

All hail Caren Lettiere, President of Democracy (also President of Jolt Jean brand) who was inspired to launch this fantabulous line after hearing some opinionated views from her jean nation. Democracy Declaration of Jean Dependence (again...repeat after me) Democracy-Declaration-of-Jean-Dependence caters to the Missy customer who aspires to wear an effortless, eclectic casual lifestyle jean that will transcend to layering, mix and matching any tee, blouse or sweater top (and of course a stately pair of heels) and will take you from day to night.

Democracy DJD jeans are designed to fit average modern body type frames. No more wide waists and a mile length pant leg. Democracy DJD has comfort, fit, style and suitable prices for the Jean Independent in you.

Tell us a little bit about Democracy?
Democracy Declaration of Jean Dependence represents the evolution of a consumer base that grew up wearing denim bottoms. The customer wants to integrate casual dressing into her daily life, whether it is a polished, yet casual style she wears to work or a night out on town in her flattering jeans.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?
The modern woman who has a great sense of style and recognizes the need to continually evolve her look. She's seeks great value, quality, and fit at reasonable prices. Though she loves the look and vibe of our younger brand, Jolt, she no longer feels it's appropriate to be shopping in the junior's department.

How does Democracy remain competitive in the market?
[Democracy DJD fits] a modern woman's body. It's more along the lines of a contemporary junior cut. Democracy DJD is substantially less expensive with jeans retailing from $58-68.

Any plans for a men's line in the future?
No. First things first, we're like to take care of the women's line and make it successful.

Where can Democracy DJD be purchased?
Democracy Declaration of Jean Dependence can be purchased at Nordstrom, Dillard's, and Von Maurs. The collection is under $100, with prices ranging from $44-88.

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