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Love Me or Leave Me

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
MTV, BET, TVONE, please make room for GMC-Gospel Music Channel. GMC has been satisfying its audience with uplifting and entertaining storylines and it just continues to get better with John Ruffin's televised stage play Love Me Or Leave Me, which Ruffin wrote and directed. The play features Shirley Murdock (A Mother's Prayer), Elise Neal (Hustle and Flow, The Hughleys), Christian Keyes (Madea Goes to Jail), Clifton Powell (Ray, Woman Thou Art Loosed, Army Wives), and Angela Evans. The world premiere will be televised on GMC on Saturday, November 13th at 7pm ET.

Love Me or Leave Me combines hilarious comedy, true-to-life drama and rousing songs with a third-act bombshell that underscores the play's themes of responsibility and forgiveness while packing an unexpected emotional punch.

Cynthia Wyatt (Evans) is a troubled teen who abandons her fraternal twin infants, leaving her mother (Murdock) to raise the children. Now, 20 years later, one of the twins (Neal) is an attorney set to marry the man of her dreams (Keyes); the other (Payne) is an unemployed man-child. Both have issues.

When Cynthia returns out of the blue, hoping to reclaim her place in their lives, no one is spared the soul-searching that ensues. Will Cynthia be accepted by her children and the grandmother who raised them? Will they understand why she left? And can they ever find it in their hearts to forgive her?