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Chaconia Intimates

by Kenyatta D. Pious
We caught up with Nesta Findlay, Owner/Designer of Chaconia Fashion, and picked her brain about her brand, which was made for the gal who adores feeling sexy and confident in loungewear and intimates. Chaconia is smartly priced between $34 - $74, but offers no comprise in quality and look. We expect to see this nascent brand all over the marketplace.

Tell us a little bit about the genesis of your company.
Chaconia Fashion consists of ultra-fab intimates and loungewear for women who enjoy indulging in their girly side. The line is created to give women the option to feel pretty in sexy pieces to lounge, sleep even wear out. Chaconia is a fresh and new expression to intimates and loungewear; it falls in between the very basic pieces and the very racy-lacy. It is a perfect balance of both worlds.

Who is your ideal customer and why?
My ideal customer is simply a young woman who enjoys indulging in her own beauty, enjoys feeling pretty not just outside of her home, but indoors. [I envision] a young woman who desires fabulous intimates and loungewear which exude her own beauty without sacrificing her comfort. This is my ideal customer because Chaconia pieces are fun, flirty and feminine, my ideal customer expresses all of these.

What celebrity would you say exemplifies your style and why?
I would say Meagan Good because she exudes a quiet sexiness in her petite stature. [She appears to be] someone who is confident in her own skin. [She is] not afraid to be who she is. Her confidence is very appealing and displays her inner and outer beauty. She seems very playful, girly and feminine which all channel the Chaconia woman.

What was the inspiration of your newest collection?
My inspiration was most definitely the beauty and relaxed environment of the Caribbean.
The pieces are very soft, easy, pretty with no-fuss. I took that relaxed and warm feeling and incorporated it into my collection.

How do you remain competitive in this market?
There are hundreds of lingerie and loungewear designers, but I stay competitive by building strong relationships with my consumers and community. I use social networks, women forums, blogs. I build relationships with buyers, fashion stylists and press. I have to constantly put Chaconia out there and continue to build and sustain my relationships.

What do you never leave the house without?
Clear lip-gloss, Iphone, and Bible.

What advice did you get that resonated as being prophetic?
I got advice from a fellow designer who told me to never give up. She told me that it may be very hard doing what I am doing, but she encouraged to keep going and never give up. She also expressed many people are afraid to take any steps in accomplishing their dreams, so be proud of what I am doing and keep going.

Say a little bit about how you approach designing
I visualize what I love being home in then I look through my fashion and lingerie magazines for further inspiration. I combine my vision of sexy comfort while incorporating some fashion trends.

What's next for your brand?
Next I am working on having pieces in lingerie boutiques in the Miami and California regions. I am designing new collections, extending the brand in foundations (bras that are attractive but comfortable). I aim to educate more women about bra fitting, about finding the right size bra for their bodies.

Where can the collection be bought?
The collection can be bought on

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