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Don't Call It A Comeback-She's Been Here For Years

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
Tashera Simmons, wife of multi-platinum recording artist DMX, has been the back bone of her family and specifically DMX's career and struggles for years and now she is literally extending her strength to women in need through her Women of Strength Foundation. This "hip-hop wife" isn't sitting back collecting checks and buying Gucci all day, which is the image most lock in their heads when it comes to industry wives, nor is she babysitting "X" as she and the world affectionately refer to her husband. Tashera is ready to give back a piece of herself to the world.

As founder of this non-profit organization, Tashera is on a mission to help women who have encountered sexual abuse, domestic violence, drug abuse, abandonment, teen pregnancy and other hardships that may have negatively affected their lives.

Women of Strength provides a safe haven for these women to get back on their feet. The goal of Women of Strength is to create workshops that will educate women on the many resources available to them, to support and build upon existing financial and health programs available to women and children in crisis, and to ensure that these women have long term plans that will offer healing and the self confidence needed to for them to care for their families, and rejoin society leading productive lives.

Unfortunately, Tashera Simmons is no stranger to some of these obstacles - - she raised six siblings on her own after they were abandoned by Tashera's mother when she was only 14. Tashera adds: "This is something very dear and close to my heart. This project has been on my mind for years, but there was never time for it. Now, I'm dedicated."

Besides her newly founded organization, Tashera is currently working on a book, but don't expect the usual "woman scorned" spin on this book. Her book titled "Tashera Simmons: Strength of a Woman" tells her life experiences, especially within the industry and how it has changed her and the people around her. "This book will be not only entertaining, but informative. Even though it's quite revealing about things I went through, its positive and it's a memoir, not a tell all. This won't show anyone in a negative light", she notes.

Aside from being a mother, The Women of Strength Foundation is Tashera's primary focus and she is on full speed when it comes to the development of the organization. She is calling on all industry executives, radio personalities and media to use their voice as an instrument and let people know about Women of Strength. "I have been through a lot with X, and I'm blessed because I'm still here. It's time for me to give back."

Tashera has teamed up with 238Beats Entertainment for the red-carpet launch of Women of Strength event on Tuesday, October 26th in NYC.