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Joss Stone Dishes at Nine West's FNO!

by Sparkle Sterling
After being personally led up Nine West's back staircase, into a very intimate little room, I immediately spotted the soulful songstress, Joss Stone! With her long naturally colored tresses softly hanging by her face, and a tiny piercing in her nose, it was hard to believe the chart-topping mega star was offering to serve ME snacks and beverages from her personal buffet table! Eagerly awaiting her beautifully-raspy English accent, I began asking her about the Oh So Joss and Stone Boot everyone was talking about!

Moi: So, Joss we haven't heard from you in a minute! What have you been up to?

Joss: Enjoying my freedom! 9 years straight! I'm 23! I'm just enjoying the freedom!

Moi: I hear ya! So I heard these shoes are not only gorgeous but come with songs as well! Tell me a little about them! Or if you could sing a little snippet that would be even better!

Joss: (Sings) You got me back in style, you helped my light to shine again, you lift me up so high, you got me back in style again

Moi: URGH! Your voice is stunning!!! I'm looking forward to seeing the performance!
You are wearing the Stone Boot I see. Where did you draw inspiration from to create them?

Joss: My tattoos! (Showing me the interesting floral tattoos behind her ear and in the palm of her hand.)

Moi: Oh wow, you actually have your tattoos on the shoes! Cleverly chic! I like it! And I'm sure your fans will too!

Joss: ( Blushing Modestly) Thank you, thank you.

Moi: Now I'm sure you fans want to know a little about your fashion sense and where it originated. I know I've seen you barefoot on the red carpet, you wear long dresses and red hair and now I see you and you have this chic little mini dress on an ankle boots and natural blonde highlights! (She chuckles) I mean you are definitely a trendsetter and a statement maker! Would you say you made sacrifices for fashion at an early age? And what advice do you have for girls who may be afraid to step outside the box in regards to their own fashion?

Joss: No! (Laughs) I always just did what I wanted. I just do what feels good! Um, just to enjoy it! Have fun with it! Go off your trolly mad! Crazy if you are up to it!

Moi: I agree! Go for it! I mean I'm wearing a Zac Posen princess skirt and black lipstick! (We both laugh) What is your favorite aspect of fashion?

Joss: That it is an art form. A form of expression. Helps to express yourself. A way to let everyone know who you are! If you see a girl with frilly pink hair you go "She's f*cking Crazy"

Moi: (Laughing) What do you feel is the biggest fashion mistake women make?

Joss: Oh, Pasties! (giggling) I mean express yourself but not to my eyes! Even if you are gorgeous it does you no justice! Have some balls and just go naked!

Moi: Hahaha! What is the one thing in your closet you personally cannot live without!

Joss: My knickers!

Isn't she great! (sighs) Love her!