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Throw Your Deuces Up!

by Sofroina Timmons

Profile! Show me your deuces. I would tell you what mine look like but I have already given out one of my coined phrases for free. How about really showing your deuce by wearing a Deuce watch. Deuce Brand came up with the concept of urban sport and fashion in October 2009 by CEO Gary Hughes, taking a social band and making it functional for water and contact sports - - essentially assisting an athlete to perform at his/her highest level.

The bands come in over 25 different colors so no matter what your style there is a look that you can coordinate to fit your persona. Deuce also offers a customized feature to personalize and promote your sport, club, organization, fund raising events and business through fashion, color and logo print.

The Original Watch Line is the current collection that comes in two styles GI (Generation I) and GII (Generation II).

Say a little bit about the name of the brand.
Deuce Brand name comes from the #2. It is the # that I (Gary Hughes, CEO) wore during my sports career. Deuce Brand is also relevant in the urban world: throw a deuce (means throw a peace sign). In Tennis, deuce also represents winning a set or a match. Deuce Brand is a concept of urban, sport and fashion!

Who is your ideal customer and why? Who do you envision wearing the collection?
Our ideal customer is the athletic trendsetter. Our watches are designed by athletes for athletes, but also have a twist of fashion.
We have kids, men and women wearing Deuce Brand watches. Our watches are unisex and the demographic is infinite!

What currently do you think are the biggest trends right now?
Silly Bands - - Deuce Brand Watches.

What are your designers doing to remain competitive in this market?
We are designing new color concepts and also offer a customized part of our business. We can customize our watches. So if you want to make them personal. We can do logo print anywhere on the band.

Do you have any eco-conscious initiatives?
We are currently working on a GO GREEN watch package. We are firm believers in the green movement and want to support it!

Where can Deuce Brand be purchased and what is the price point?
Deuce Brand Watches can be purchased at Dick's Sporting Goods, Journey's, Underground Station, 24 Hour Fitness, Tilly's, and Road Runner Sports.

We sell our watches at a low price of $20.

What's next for Deuce Brand?
Deuce Brand has manufactured watches but we plan on releasing apparel, footwear and bags.

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