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Small Town to Big City Fashion

by Sofroina Timmons

To all of the Punk Rock Chicks who can mix and match colors, prints and fabrics in combinations that create classic looks or chic flair, this handbag collection is where your heart is. Creative fashion that has no boundaries, no rules and definitely exudes that 'I don't give a $#i!' attitude wears well with KahriAnne's collection. This collection allows fashionistas to put their own spin to eclectic yet classy, chic ensembles.

Designer KahriAnne's Kerr, out of Northeast Iowa, started designing at a tender age with no background or experience in sewing or designing. Raw talent equals trend-setting styles. Her design style gives off a British tone as well as a 'Punk Sophisticate' look.

To give you an example how talented Kerr is, she opened up a mini-store in the summer of 2002 at the age of nineteen selling her clothes line 'Kreations by Kahri', which was primarily her artwork and quilts. Kerr closed up to attend Iowa State University and she was picked up by a local boutique 'Zushy' that helped her become a local celebrity as a promising designer.

In August of 2003, Kerr attended the prestigious Fashion institute of Technology and began selling her collection in NYC stores and e-boutiques. Over the years the line has evolved into millinery (hat creations) and handbags that accessorizes her hip, chic, funky rocker fashion label. Her new line KA by KahriAnne Kerr will launch in fall 2010 for fashionistas who are fashion rebellions on a budget. If you want more go to and punk-rock it out!

What inspired you for your current collection?
For fall 2010 my inspiration was the 70's glam punk group The Runaways and in particular their song 'Cherrybomb'.

Who is your ideal customer and why?
Kick ass chicks who are confident, sexy, and love quality clothing and accessories with unique details.

Describe how your collection stands out amongst the competition?
My collection focuses on being unique and edgy while still being wearable.

Does your collection focus on the eco-conscious movement? Do you agree that the economic times call for minimalist designs?
My collection doesn't focus on eco-conscious materials. No, I don't agree that the recession calls for minimalist designs. If anything clothing and accessories should be more fun than ever now.

Where can your collection be purchased and at what price points?
You can purchase my collection at www.kahri.comas well at a variety of boutiques. The Kahri collection retails from $150-$600.

What's next for your brand?
Well, spring 2011 has an expanded collection of leather bags. Other than that I'm just working on expanding distribution for now. Big plans for the distant future though!

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