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Kanye To The-He's Back!

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
Whenever you can get Beyonce to sing your hook, you must be considered one of the best, because B (just like her husband Jay-Z), doesn't work with just anybody and Kanye West is definitely "sicker than your average!"

Kanye West recently tweeted about his new song "See Me Now," featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson (affectionately known as "Uncle Charlie") with promises to post the song on his site and he kept his word. The song is getting radio spins already and fans are excited about it.

"See Me Now" is so energetic with a hard up-tempo R&B beat, which pairs perfectly with the vocals of both Beyonce and Charlie Wilson, and it's also laced with classic Kanye confidence..

"I'm Socrates, but my skin more chocolatey," or how about "I swear my whole collection so cool, I might walk into Nobu with no shoes. He just walked in Nobu like it was Ho-fu's!"

To those who are not familiar with Nobu, NOBU is only one of the most upscale, highly popular, A-List celebrity-having, Japanese restaurants based in NY and California, which also requires about 10 years of your life on hold to get a reservation, unless you are a big-wig and actually get their real phone number and not the fake general number listed for the local nobodies trying to get a reservation for a place they can't afford just to be on the scene. My point? Kanye had his swag on SUPER HIGH when he said he'll walk right in with no shoes!!!

"See Me Now," is from his still-untitled fifth album. The track was co-produced by Kanye's mentor No I.D. and 19-year old Lex Luger (Rick Ross' "B.M.F.", Waka Flocka "Hard In Da Paint," etc.). Kanye stated on a Hot 97 interview with Angie Martinez in New York that he has been working on the song for two years and although its not slated to be a single , he felt like people needed to hear it.

"I'm bout to drop something for yall summer... This is my job man... GOOD MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" West tweeted, before posting the song on his site.

Kanye rarely disappoints as long as he's actually rapping when he opens his mouth.