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Chic Gems, etc.: Timeless and Affordable Style

by Kenyatta D. Pious

Finding inexpensive yet well designed jewelry seems to be our birthright. But locating pieces that have that certain panache can be a daunting task. We often toggle between statement pieces (sans the effusive gaudiness that at times seems to be a prerequisite) and classic, delicate pieces that add character and speak for us as soon as we enter a room.

We were delighted then to stumble on Sarah Radford's brainchild: Chic Gems, etc. - - a charming company that offers an assortment of handmade jewelry (and sets) from necklaces, bracelets, to earrings etc. Of note is that the Chic Gems, etc. website also allows fashionistas the ability to design their own jewelry in a few easy steps - - after all, it is imperative that our fashion sensibility remain center stage.

New York City cocktail hour - - semi-celebs, multi-colored and flavored drinks, VIPS, and the sexy laziness that only happens at night in New York. We paired a svelte two-toned cocktail dress with a pair of Chic Gems, etc. adorable Couture Quartz earrings in purple (also available in a stunning sea blue) and the compliments flowed in our direction almost immediately. Our confidence, naturally, also soared. It seems we made a smart choice! Glam need not be so expensive anymore

While the earrings were a winner at the cocktail hour, we were impressed that their versatility held true while we did more mundane things like shopping or having brunch. It is no wonder that Sarah Radford's clientele is so diverse from mod fashionistas seeking trinkets, to professional women and executives and, naturally, brides and bridesmaids. There is something intrinsically pleasing about Chic Gems' ability to engender a sense of flirty femininity.

Other items we recommend are: Small Candy Gems Earrings (in any color!); Triple Pearl & Chain necklace; Sparkle Crystal Wrap bracelet in plum or cherry; and the Bracelet that benefits My Hope Chest! Chic Gems, etc. often has charity initiatives and we think that this additional feature will buoy Sarah Radford and her company - - (elegant, refined, sexy, inexpensive jewelry notwithstanding!) Kudos!

For more info on Chic Gems, etc. or to make a purchase, visit:

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