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Interact with Lotty Dotty

by Kenyatta D. Pious
Nod your heads everyone and sing with me: "Lott"Dotty"lotty-dotty, we like to party, we don't make no trouble, we don't bother nobody, we're, just two women that like to play ok I tried! But seriously, this is a line defined by two women who truly enjoyed playing with paper dolls. Don't act as if you weren't one of them because I enjoyed them too. I held my own with paper dolls and now you can too by wearing a Lotty Dotty design, which brings to life a paper doll-like image on a tee shirt.

Lotty Dotty owes its inception to Maya (a model) and Shevanne (designer) whose vivid fond memories of playing with paper dolls came to life as a t-shirt company. You can fashionably dress your image in different styles and effectively give yourself the power to play dress-up as an adult, linking the wonderment and simplicity of all our inner children. I love it! Welcome to the "Lotty Dotty Paper Doll Project".

Lotty Dotty's interactive, two-dimensional concept comes into play at the right moment because"wait for it" there's a swimwear line added for the occasional visit to a relaxing resort or sipping a Long Island Iced Tea at the beach (drink responsibly, people). And for those who are joining the band wagon of eco-friendly products, the tees are environmentally friendly using sustainable technology to ensure consumers with quality fabrics. These tees complete me!

Take us back to the origins of Lotty Dotty.
The idea of Lotty Dotty originally started with my business partner Maya who was inspired by her niece's paper dolls. She had the idea to translate the paper dolls unto a t-shirt for little girls. We decided to team up and together we developed the concept as it is today.

Lotty Dotty has developed a new t-shirt concept that is fun, interactive, socially responsible and a platform for young, talented designers. The t-shirts feature a screen-printed figure, reminiscent of a paper-doll, on the front of the shirt, with a sewn-on Velcro bathing suit on which a variety of mini designer Velcro-backed "outfits" can be attached and detached at will. [Talented up-and-coming clothing designers from all over the world design the outfits.]

Our dolls are a key element to our concept. As of today, we have 10 dolls of different ethnic backgrounds and personalities. With time the dolls' personalities will be developed and divulged to the public. Each t-shirt will be sold with a signature detachable mini dress. Mini outfits will be sold separately. This will give our customers the flexibility to change entire aspect of t-shirt as well as the doll's clothes ' undress and dress her.

Say more about what your designers are doing to keep the Lotty Dotty relevant?
We are creating new t-shirt models to give more choices and to suit a wider audience. These t-shirts range from simple to sexy.

Each season new mini-clothing are proposed to the customers so they never get bored and the dolls get to follow the trends. In winter they will have winter outfits such as jackets, hats etc But we are also sourcing new materials and finding ways to be as socially responsible as possible from creation to the selling point.

Explain the meaning behind the name.
After much soul-searching, the name Lotty Dotty was decided on, not because of a literal meaning but because of the image and the faint or in some cases the strong memory that it invokes of our childhood. It represents something whimsical and playful.

What is the inspiration behind your collection?
This summer collection is our first collection so we have decided to keep our t-shirts simple and basic; offering them in black and white for adults and pink for girls. However the mini-clothing collections for our dolls are designed by several up-and-coming designers, who were encouraged to be fun and creative. Our idea is not only to dress our dolls in the current trends but also to use them to create trends. We also wanted our t-shirts to be 3 dimensional and fun, so we encouraged our team of designers to use volume, texture and colors in their designs.

Please finish this sentence: The celebrity that best embodies our brand is (and why)...
From Taylor Swift- and Selena Gomez to Beyonce and Katy Perry, because they are modern and versatile.

Tell us one thing that no one knows about the brand.
"Mimi" the name of one of the children's dolls was named after Shevanne's daughter. We chose that name because the doll looks like Mimi and to thank her for her contribution to Lotty Dotty.

Where can Lotty Dotty be purchased and at what price point?
Lotty Dotty t-shirts range from $50 to $90 and mini-clothing collection ranges from $10 to $20 and can be purchased on our website: and in the following stores : 104, 104 rue Lonchamps, 75016 Paris Juli; 20 rue d'Assas 75006 Paris; Rail, Via S. Martino della Battaglia, 5/A, Brescia

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