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Kanye- Almost Gangster?

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
KANYE WEST- everyone knows his name and even though he might not win any popularity contests anytime soon, despite his arrogance, not only his music, but his character is much needed as he is one of the most authentic artists/people around. It's so very easy for artist to beef with each other and pick fights over nothing, let's take a listen, "his album didn't sell," "he wasn't really a drug dealer," "he ain't never kill nobody," whatever the situation might be, it's not uncommon for these types of differences to occur in the rap game between two "gangsters", but a real gangster isn't concerned about tedious details of someone else's life, they like to address the things and people that affect them and their families directly and thats where Kanye could be considered almost gangster.

Think about it, he may not be the street definition of gangster, after all he never killed anyone, never had anyone try to kill him, probably got most of his tattoos after he made it in the industry, had both parents active in his life while being raised, and if he were a regular guy, might never had dated a bald woman, no matter how round her apple bottom was.

But, he has a brutally honest persona, extreme confidence, wears his heart on his sleeve and makes no excuses for it, he was gutsy enough to blatantly state on a nationally televised telethon, "George Bush doesn't care about Black people," during the Katrina catastrophe, bold enough to make a record about how he was basically shitted on by one of his direct mentors who also happens to be one of the most powerful men in hip-hop, Jay-Z, and blunt enough to interrupt a 17 year-old "all American" girl during her acceptance speech , only during one of the biggest moments in her career, informing Taylor Swift that she didn't deserve the award, but that (his family) Beyonce was much more deserving of the Video of the Year Award WRONG on all levels, but what a set of testicles! He was daring enough to put out a whole R&B album, his 2008 808's & Heartbreaks (before Drake's Find Your Love hit single in which Yeezy produced or Lil Wayne's rock idea, Rebirth).

Let's accept it, Kanye is almost gangster and I'm sure his upcoming album, will have the sick flow and beats that we all love from this musical genius, but let's not shoot him down when he goes into another rant. Sit back and enjoy his music and the show- it's just his inner gangster expressing feelings. Do your thing, Yeezy!