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Curvey Inclination: Argument For Hourglass Jeans

by Kenyatta D. Pious
PZI was started in 2002 by husband and wife team (both of whom are attorneys), Dan Jason and Claire Jason, in an attempt to fill a void in the denim industry. The team realized that they hit a niche when they started to design jeans for women who could not wear the brands that were stocked in stores. Claire Jason, Co-Founder/ Creative Director, explains: “Women with curve appeal to their bodies just could not wear the low rises and the restriction in raw denim totally suppressed the beauty of their curves.”

The desire to recreate, remarket, and reeducate consumers, stores, and mass media on the inherent beauty of the hourglass shaped woman has driven the talented duo to design jeans (and tops) that are stylish, sensible, and affordable. Take for example the current Spring Vintage Collection, which Claire notes is “inspired by bold colors in tops with distressed jeans and pale denims. Mixing the two creates a statement which can be worn in various fashion styles.” We queried Claire Jason on the intricacies of PZI and its mission to change the industry, one pair of jeans at a time...
Who is the core client of PZI and do you see this changing?
PZI Jeans are definitely designed for a specific body shape -– the woman with the hourglass curves. The PZI Jeans woman has a tapered waist and a fuller hip and rear. She is literally shaped like an hourglass and she is the woman we design our entire line for, whether she is a size 4 hourglass or size 16 -– we are designed to embrace the beauty of her curves!

You know in the horizon we are contemplating going into the plus sizes from size 18 and up. The reason is that there are plus size women how have smaller waistlines and that woman is also looking for fashion to compliment her body type. But for right now, we are studying the woman with hourglass curves in effort to give her a fit beyond any other denim!

What should a woman look for when looking for a pair of jeans?
The main thing a woman should look for is a pair of jeans designed for her body type, a jean that addresses any fit issues she may have. I honestly don't have expertise in varying body types; my focus is on the woman with hourglass curves! Our customer...needs jeans that are tapered at the waist, have fuller pockets and are contoured where her body is contoured to enhance her shapely curves. PZI Jeans have stretch to allow the curves of her body to be flexible with the jean. Again, there are many fit tips for denim in fashion magazines, but those tips focus on hiding what we at PZI Jeans are trying to accentuate -– the curves of a real woman's body.

Where is the company located and where is manufacturing handled?
PZI Jeans has its company headquarters in Tucker, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. PZI Jeans are designed at our corporate offices in Tucker. Our denim is then manufactured abroad in various countries.Why is retail so tough nowadays and how do you manage?
Retail is tough today for some markets, because their price points are so high. People today are utilizing their dollars to get products they need at a price which will not hit them hard financially. The days are gone when customers are paying $200.00 for designer jeans, jeans not designed for the everyday woman. Actually, PZI Jeans has not been hit by the financial stressors of some retailers. Our on-line store business has increased substantially and we credit ourselves for keeping our denim at a price point comfortable for the average woman. In addition to our price points being reasonable, our jeans are designed for women to wear without alterations, since our customer usually has to incur costs for alterations to the waist an inseams. We taper our jeans at the waist, to rid the gape and we offer four inseams to avoid alterations!

What trends are big in the jean industry now?
The current trends are torn jeans, distressed jeans and pale denim. Trends hit and go out. I would advise women to be cautious about spending a lot of money on trendy items because they are limited in their wear. Women should buy one or two token pieces, but always attempt to keep basic washes and leg openings which compliment their particular body type.

And for next season?
The denim trend for fall will be darker washes with richer colors, such as charcoal and browns weaved into the fabric. The leg opening will be flare and fuller leg openings -– but do not get rid of your skinnys they will still be fashionable.

PZI price point ranges between $49.00 -– $99.00 for denim shorts, capris and jeans. For more info on PZI jeans or to make purchases, please visit: - - (log onto the store locator to find a store near you).

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