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The Alter-Ego in Galapego

by Sofroina Timmons

There's a strong sense of the conscious and the unconscious when it comes to fashion, however if you're creative enough you can seek your inner Galapego. It's a new millennia way of expressing your fashion ego, bringing forth the alter-ego you've never known how to express nor was unsure how to express it. Abraham Shegun Adebayo, owner of Galapego, decided to use the name "Galapagos" (yes, the islands) because of his curiosity of the islands and combined it with the Charles Darwin theory of Evolution. Eureka! "Fashion is change and it evolves", brilliant! (Actually, Darwin didn't say that, I did).

If you breathe, eat and sleep fashion then you, like Adebayo, crave for ideas to set yourself aside from the fashion pack. Going from the everyday conundrum of wearing an "official" wardrobe, for example, the dull office wear or not having wardrobe guidelines is not an option for you. And if you fall in that demographic, you can depend on Galapego for a new, fresh fashionable look.

If you're itching to take a peak you can visit Jowellz Inc in Brooklyn, NY or you can go to to view Galapego's take on fashion-forward trends. For tees, prices range from $35 to $150 and for denim and dresses are in the range of $350.

Tell us about the inspiration for the collection.
My inspirations for the summer/spring collection come from life, personal experiences and recent travels.

What are your designers doing to keep Galapego relevant?
To keep up with the competition we are staying abreast the latest trends while also staying true to our own creative designs and ideas. To stay relevant, we aim to create great clothing at an even greater quality.

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?
Big trends right now are bow ties, sheer fabrics, sequence and futuristic Avant Garde looks.

Do you agree that economic times call for minimalist designs?
I agree that harsh economic times call for a minimalistic approach to business, but not necessarily for a minimalistic approach to design. It just calls for people to be creative with the items they already have.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?
I would love to see everyone wear Galapego. An individual who is fashion conscious, who puts thought into what they wear, and where they shop.

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