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Chris Brown And Usher: Star Power to the Fullest!

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
The recent BET 2010 Awards was the setting where Chris Brown paid homage to the late great Michael Jackson, and the genesis of his re-invention. Chris Brown suffered many dark moments, and rightfully so, after assaulting ex-girlfriend, pop-star Rihanna. The pictures of Rihanna badly bruised surfaced on the Internet and then it seemed pretty much like a done deal for Chris. His album sales suffered, fan base dropped, and everyone had a comment to make about him in the media and so on.

Chris Brown's BET performance allowed him to regain many fans. His tribute to Michael Jackson was well executed and also heartfelt especially after Chris broke down crying and couldn't complete the routine.

Chris had the kindergarten cry going on (you remember that cry when you couldn't catch your breath and your nose started to run). Some thought it was too much; others started questioning the tears'were they being shed for Mike or was it some self-pity going on? Either way, it worked and I believe it to be sincere, whatever the focus was-he's back!

Chris Brown and Usher performed on stage recently in Jamaica for the Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay. Although Chris performed earlier in the show, he surprised fans by returning to the stage during Usher's set later in the show. (pictured above with reggae artist Elephant Man.) Imagine the types of dance moves going on that day!

Neyo, had his own opinion regarding Chris Brown and his past troubles during a recent interview with Access Hollywood:

"The Chris-Rihanna incident was terrible, people should let the pop singer move forward with his career, Chris Brown is a talented guy, Ne-Yo said. He is an incredible performer and no one can take that away from him. I think that for some reason it is taking the world too long to forgive this guy

Ne-Yo also revealed that he grew up in a home where domestic violence occurred daily and still harbors no resentment toward the singer."We really need to forgive him and move on.

Chris and Usher were just included amongst artists brought together under Diddy's request to record a song in honor of their friend and inspiration, Michael Jackson, called "Better on the Other Side." Boyz To Men will also be apart of this project.