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Let's Thank Him Now!

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
Ever since Aubrey Graham, better known as Drake, stepped on the scene, hip-hop has been shaken and stirred. All the hype leading up to this moment, the million dollar deal, being featured with and highly favored by seasoned artists like Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z, Timbaland and Lil Wayne to name a few-Drake's day finally came on June 15, 2010. Thank Me Later was released with 462,989 units sold the first week. Drake has arrived…again!

It’s been a long stretch since 2009’s Best I Ever Had, the single that introduced the former Degrassi High star as a bona fide rapper. The sound was unique and the song was definitely Kanye West influenced. From 2009 to 2010 Drake has kept the adrenaline on high with mix tapes and guest appearances with just about everyone. That same adrenaline continues to pump through all 14 tracks on his debut album Thank Me Later. Drake delivers the creativity and edge that many rappers often lack.

First track, Fireworks, featuring Alicia Keys is rumored to be based on Drake’s alleged friendship/romance with R&B singer Rihanna. “I'm just such a gentleman you should give it up for me, look at how I'm placing all my napkins and my cutlery, I could tell it wasn't love I just thought you'd fuck with me, who could have predict that lucky strike would have you stuck with me damn, I kept my wits about me luckily, what happed between us that night it always seems to trouble me…”

Whether or not they actually had a relationship of some sort has not been confirmed but Drake’s flow and passion in those lyrics, makes one inquisitive! It’s that same grind that is consistent through the entire album. Tracks like Resistance produced by “40” Shebib and Show Me a Good Time produced by Kanye West remind us that Drake is not only hip-hop, but also has immersed into R&B and what better song to prove that statement than Find Your Love, another Yeezy produced joint. Find Your Love has actually been criticized for not being real hip-hop. When you ARE hip-hop, anything you do becomes just that. And for the record, being born and bred in the hood doesn't automatically make you hip-hop, there’s no prerequisite, it’s either in you or it’s not and Drake oozes the stuff- something Lil Wayne knows all too well.

Lil Wayne scooped Drake up and ran with him all the way to Cash Money headquarters. Lil Wayne, also featured on the album (no surprise there) happens to be one of the executive producers along with Drake. Lil Wayne signed Drake to Young Money and as he says in his own words “We gon be alright as long as we put Drake on every hook.” Drake always expresses gratitude to Wayne whether he’s being interviewed or just showing Weezy love on a track. To sum it all up, Aubrey Graham did pretty good for himself on his first try- DAMN GOOD. You can thank him now!