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Reality Check!

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
As often as reality shows have been criticized and considered "mindless" tv, we must admit to some degree that these shows are entertaining and addictive in some cases. It's like a trance that sucks you in once you start watching. Thoughts about how artificial these shows actually are and how scripted they must be might cross our minds, but we are somehow glued to the tube.

Ultimately, not only have we watched the entire segment, but calendars have already been marked and tivos are set for next week.

If that scenario is very familiar to you, don't be ashamed, but embraced your Jersey Shore and Flavor of Love guilty pleasures!

Here are some top reality shows you can indulge in this summer…catch the re-runs before fall comes! Can anyone say DRAMA?!

- Real Housewives of New Jersey - - Bravo
- Real Housewives of New York - - Bravo
- Jersey Shore - - MTV
- The Ultimate Merger - - BET
- The Hills - - MTV
- Iron Chef - - Bravo