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Wearing A Piece of KanDi

by Sofroina Timmons

KanDi Swim by Dani Kates is geared toward the cravings of all the sweet, delectable treats and the hopes of looking your best while luxuriating on the yacht, at the beach or just simply catching rays at a resort. The collection has swimsuits that work double duty, hiding all that is deemed unappealing while bringing your sexy back without feeling unconfident.

KanDi swim line is a sweet selection of flirty dessert inspired pieces that are sophisticated remaining true to the fit and form of the design. Tops and bandeaus are adorned with delicate ruffles, “Black and White Cookie” swim suits named after a delicious treat along with “Cupcake” suits that will have men licking their lips (over swimwear of course). Who are we kidding here? It’s selfish for a woman to indulge in her desires of desserts, let’s give the guys an eye piece of the action. Just be sure to warn them about the “Cookie Crumble Swimsuit” syndrome when they have the urge to touch.

And for the mom who is MILF, well you and your teenage daughter can go looking like hot butter melting over a biscuit, that’s Southern talk for “Hot Damn’ that’s a pretty lady”! The styles are just enough for flirty beach engagements but not to adult looking. Luscious pieces like bikinis, bandeau tops and boy shorts allow the teen to look trendy and age appropriate.

Tell us a little bit about the name?
The name KanDi Swim by Dani Kates is an anagram of the designer Dani Kates’ first name and last initial, Dani K. (That’s why the D is capitalized). The KanDi Swim label is “dessert inspired” so KanDi has a double meaning.

What was your inspiration for your spring 2010 collection?
The inspiration for the spring 2010 collection for KanDi Swim by Dani Kates was 1950’s pinups and pie shoppes.

How would you describe the overall feel/vibe of your collection?
KanDi Swim is a flirty and playful collection with a beach/fun vibe.

How does your collection remain competitive?
KanDi Swim by Dani Kates stands out because in addition to offering the familiar silhouettes and bright colors and prints, there’s a story behind it. Dessert inspired swimwear is familiar yet novel, it’s flirty and nostalgic in a way. KanDi Swim by Dani Kates gives girls a reason to not just like a bikini, but to fall in love with it.

Where can your collection be purchased?
KanDi Swim retails from $82-95(for sets, but are sold as separates) and is available online at


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