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Kisses from Russia

by Sofroina Timmons

Yes, swimwear inspired from a Russian born designer! The country doesn’t go through an entire year of snow you know, and if it did, designer, Natalya Toporova, would cause an immediate glacier meltdown with all of her sexy provocative numbers. Her collection, Kisses, can melt a man of steel. This swimwear line has an edgy rock-n-roll vibe, soft hues bold prints and a whole lot of S-E-X-Y, if you need a confidence booster-look no further. Color palettes colliding with abstract prints create ensembles that can give you beautiful nightmares.

Born in and reared in Ottawa, Canada Natalya Toporova has cultivated inspiration from the multiculturalism that makes a melting pot for fashion. Currently based in Miami, Natalya has transformed her muse to an entire line of evening wear, summer wear, swimwear, signature outfits and winter wear. Any and everything a girl’s heart can desire. Whatever the occasion Kisses is designed to standout from the rest. There are evening dresses that create a night of fantasy, summer dresses that illuminate the midday sun, outfits that set the stage for a “girl’s night out”, and winter wear (if Miami is so lucky) to show off the haute winter bunny in you!

I think for now I’ll start with her swimwear due to the summer, sand and waves and I’m putting in pre-orders for my drinks the entire summer. Here’s a Russian style toast to swim suits!

Explain the name “Kisses”.
It’s one of my symbolic features that you will see in my new collection and name brand. It’s a bit of rock and roll, sexy and not a shy girl to wear something that makes her stands out.

How did you get started in the swimwear fashion industry?
Since the first time I made a swimsuit I really enjoyed it, you get to really play with colors and styles in such a bold way that the creativity comes endless. My first line was very successful that I knew that it won’t be my last.

How would you describe the overall feel/vibe of Kisses?
From fun, edgy, sexy to powerful colors’ and styles, gives you an overall vibe for the woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

What was your inspiration for your spring 2010 collection?
Colors and fabrics was my inspiration for this year’s collection, bright colors, unique cuts and style represent a woman who isn’t afraid to stand out, be her own woman that has a lifestyle of fashion. You will see bright color pallets mixed with metal that was inspired by rock in roll to sweet famine colors and cuts of the ocean. Whether you’re feeling edgy or feminine the consumer decides.

What do you think are the biggest swimwear trends right now spring 2010?
Monokinis are still hot and running this season and many different shapes and cuts.

How does Kisses remain competitive?
Being unique and having your own style. I find that you see so much repetitive designs and nothing stands out, I believe you should invest in a lifestyle, by expressing your individuality rather blending in. I focus on unique cuts and styles and the perfect fit that enhancing a woman’s figure, making a woman feel good in what she’s wearing. All my swimwear is custom designed per customer whether she is an XS on top and Large at bottom, I design the perfect fit.

Where can Kisses be purchased?
Currently all my designs are purchased through my website and will be sold in Miami boutiques soon! Prices ranged from $100-$150.

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