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Haute Saucy Australia

by Sofroina Timmons

You take a trip to down under and you know will be hitting the party scene. However, Australia has more to offer than going to a barbie, visiting natural wild life and gulping down some of their famous amber fluid. You can get into the hot summers with one-of-a-kind bathers by White Sands swimwear. If you dare to “chuck a sickie” (take a healthy day off) and marvel in a well constructed, fit to form Brazilian cut bikini, beautifully shaped maillots in exclusive prints, bursting in florescence. Swimwear designed to look like pieces worn for on-the-go tasks or impromptu parties (whether there's a pool or not) and look stunningly picture perfect for the entire day. Each swimsuit is made from Italian Lycra and silk cotton voile that reasonably shapes a woman's contour without adding or taking away her physique. Think: pulsating, sexy prints from palm leaves to floral prints and conservative pieces for a night of elegance.

The fashionably, creative mind behind this line is Leah Madden, a native of Broadbeach, Australia where her designs are created to mirror the carefree lifestyle of Australia. She prefers to design for the “attitude” of a woman and not the age. How about that for the young at heart? So keeping each piece feminine, glamorous and luxurious to the eye allows a woman to feel sexy with a subtle risqué feel. White Sands also has a resort-wear line that softly silhouettes the figure and adds a classy touch to each swim suit. Cover ups come in various styles such as, silk cotton voile Capri pants, rompers, silk sarongs and dresses and much, much more.

How did you get started in the swimwear fashion industry?
Growing up in Australia! We live in swimwear.

How does White Sands remain competitive?
My designs are very Australian, brief and super sexy. I try not to do anything too typical. Fashion should be about one's self-expression not fitting in.

How would you describe the overall feel/vibe of White Sands?
Exciting! Bright colors, sexy designs and a vibrant floral print.

Now that sheers, nudes and blushes are the fad for this spring, what colors did you choose to use?
I have used a few softer colors, and teamed it with the strength of black and white. But I do prefer to see some color on the beach!

What do you think are the biggest swimwear trends right now spring 10?
Color, color and more color! Bold designs and a very strong 80's feel.

What era in fashion does your line remind you of?
2010! I'm always moving forward, and rarely look back.

What does your design house do during the winter off-season?
Coming from Australia it is always summer! Plus I design for both ends of the worlds, Northern Summer, and our Southern Summer. So busy all year, I do however find lots of time to sit poolside.

If you can't get to down under anytime soon, then go online and purchase the next best thing to Australian swimwear.

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