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Trefle, Swimwear from the Caribbean

by Sofroina Timmons

Trefle offers exotic, fashion-forward pieces that will put you in mind of the warm temperatures, sandy beaches and clear blue waters of the Caribbean. This collection is young, flirty, vivacious and very trendy for the woman who is all about looking chic with a couture edge. Whether on a pool deck, yacht or at a resort, Trèfle designs will definitely add an upscale appeal to your style. Vibrant pops of color, sexy and alluring pieces that not only are form fitting, but also subtly accentuate a woman's best attributes can be found in this collection. Adding bold statement pieces of jewelry and eye-catching strappy sandals will carry you from a casual atmosphere to a star-studded party night.

The mastermind behind Trèfle is Kristin Frazer, a young, up-and-coming designer from Tortola, British Virgin Islands who is on her way to becoming one of the most recognized designers in fashion. Kristin's love of travel and exploring different countries allowed her to see different parts of the world where she's experienced exciting, entertaining and inspiring beauty from other cultures. Kristin has understudied with Carolina Herrera and BCBG Max Azra in the spring of 2006.

Kristin has participated in fashion shows from Guyana Fashion Week, Virgin Islands (US) Fashion Week, Islands of the World Fashion Week, Caribbean Fashion Week, Summer Sizzle BVI and Bikini Under the Bridge (Brooklyn, NY) and Miami International Fashion Week (MIAMI, FL) and has accumulated an entourage of fashionistas alike.

2010 collection is named Signature: L.U.X. which is inspired by Mother Africa. The prints are based from the strength of a zebra stripe that takes a foothold as a combination of colors come alive with each stroke of movements in comparison to the gate of the animal; emphasizing on the detail lines of the zebra and its race towards a fresh start on life.

What do you think are the biggest swimwear trends right now spring 2010?
Color and prints are most evident. One-piece suits are also strong pushed in collections that I've seen. There's a lot that you can do with a one-piece and I tend to focus on that more than anything else.

What swimwear trends are you seriously tired of and hope will remain in 2009?
I'm actually not tired of any trend. It's a good thing to see repeated trends as it only encourages and motivates you to want to step out and create new and innovative trends to the limelight because once its brought to the table, the attention, press and coverage on it will be that much more satisfying. In swimwear, having repeated trends or trends that stick around for too long actually isn't a bad thing.

Do you agree that the economic times call for minimalist designs?
In certain parts of the world I say “yes”. In other parts I say “no”. No one determines the spending but the consumer. I didn't stick to a minimalistic design palette as I think that as a designer, in all aspects of life and design, you need to stay true to yourself and find a way to( as Tim Gunn would say), “Make it work”.

What era in fashion does your line remind you of?
I love the 40's and the 60's era and both era's are reminiscent of my current collection. Luxury meets pop. This is evident in my collection.

Is your swimsuit line more conservative or edgy?
My company runs strongly on the edgy but conservative side. Women can look and feel just as sexy as they would in a one-piece or two-piece with full coverage verses a string bikini. There's a mixed element where both lines are never crossed; keeping my collections timeless and strong.

Where can your collection be purchased?
At current, the collection will be available for sale on my website at - - retail prices are $60.00- $180.00.

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