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Obey the Reins of Sauvage

by Sofroina Timmons

Hawaii and California will always and forever be the style that epitomizes the essence of swimwear. The Beach Boys and the infamous guitarist Dick Dale offer indelible memories about hanging out at the beach in a bikini bottom and shirt with sunglasses in tow or about how hitting the waves with a Hawaiian striped board started the crave for looking sun-kissed gorgeous.

Sauvage does the same thing, but with an upscale twist. Now swimwear has moved over to donning your monkini on the deck of a yacht in strappy heeled sandals, large shades and a wide brim to complete your luxe look. And women are not the only ones getting a second take at their hot bods. Men’s swimwear has taken center stage. Sauvage steps it up with fashion-forward designs and a hint of European-inspired creations. Selections detail the mid-cuts and unique board shorts with an array of color and prints. Now we can all enjoy people watching in harmony.

Owner and designer, Elizabeth Southwood, and her partner, Simon, created Sauvage in San Diego, California. Elizabeth has more than a decade of experience and it shows in each piece of her designs. Season after season, she strives to refine and perfect what it means to be and look sophisticated and sexy poolside. Her vintage inspired prints incorporate Swarovski crystals and the excitement of plunging necklines with high-waist straps accentuated with gold chains, metallic hooks and starburst gems adds allure with a high-end look. They deliver sex appeal and haute couture.

This beachwear has saturated color that pops and draws the eye into the silhouette that is wearing it. Colors such as poppy, turquoise and cobalt are embellished into the fabric and compliment the details in the trim. Accessories such as chains, shells, zippers and crystals all tie the bikinis, monokinis and one-pieces together. The features are just as genius with draping, shirring with rich jeweled prints, ruffles and beadings - - this is a true reflection of the superior style and fit that Sauvage is known for.

Explain the name of the brand?
Sauvage is a French word for WILD. That was the inspiration.

Say more about the inspiration for the spring 2010 collection?
The 2010 collection features inspiration from nature - colorful animal prints crystals with the exclusive "Sauvage Snake "- adorned with Swarovski crystals and dramatic, almost architectural one pieces.

How would you describe the overall feel/vibe of Sauvage?
The overall feel for Sauvage has developed from wild to glamorous and elegant, encompassing
cover-ups and accessories also designed by Elizabeth "Everything you need for a glamorous day at the beach or pool ".

Is your swimsuit line more conservative or edgy?
Sauvage is definitely edgy, ahead of the trends Elizabeth is constantly thinking of inspirations that can come from clothes/shoes/movies it’s a constant evolving process. She designs for the woman who is confident, successful and for the ages 25-45.

What is on the horizon for Sauvage and do you see a lingerie collection in your future?
Sauvage is Glamourous, elegant and Sexy! No lingerie in the future, but fitness wear will be previewed for spring 2011 with a whole new look!

What era in fashion does your line remind you of?
For Sauvage the trend is always towards Glamour and elegance - yet with a sexy edge Elizabeth incorporates use of the finest European fabrics and trim, with a nod to the late 70s and early 80s
for the sharp edges and bold colors.

Where can your collection be purchased?
Sauvage can be purchased on the company's website at their flagship store in La Jolla, CA, (858)729-0015 and at Everything but Water and major swim specialty stores.

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