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Sport Your RYGY

by Sofroina Timmons

Imagine being sun-drenched in swimwear colors of Blanca, ivory and ebony or tribal patterns such as: Inka Kebana Purple and Tie-dye Leopard. This description should make you want to seek out a bikini and pose for the mid-day sun. Welcome to the water world fantasy swimwear that RYGY has created for over 28 years. Founded in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the company derived its name from designer Regina Aragão, who was nicknamed “RYGY” (pronounced Ree-ghee). Now her namesake has cornered the swimsuit market by becoming a brand name that is based on everyday life.

RYGY’s designs are created for each woman’s need whether her style is to gracefully relax, party glamorously, catwalk the beach, or show of her skills in sand volleyball. RYGY custom designs each suit with high quality materials ensuring form-fitting suits that do not sag, even after each wear. RYGY symbolizes the Brazilian beach spirit, which refers to sexy, enticing and eye-bulging silhouettes that are in perfect proportions to identify a woman’s individuality. There are two swimwear lines, RYGY the more sophisticated , embroidered designs with some embellishments and the RYGY Sport line which is for the more youthful woman who enjoys to play hard and look sexy all at once.

All of the swimwear is designed and created in Rio de Janeiro using top-of-the line fabrics and hand-stitched embroideries with embellishments that accent the trims of the suits. But you are in luck if you live in sunny Miami, FL. where the company is owned by four principals: Egle Maria Costa Loureiro, Ricardo Caporal, David Weisinger and Nick Agakanian. The team agrees that RYGY swimwear reflects a woman’s essence- her soul and spirit. It’s “Bossa” infused, as they say in Brazil…creative energy!

With their many variations of the “hot short”, the RYGY girl can create her own style by playing with the ruching, fixing tab sides, folding down waist bands or tweaking the in-demand piece, tie-side bottom. Other flattering styles include bikini tops designed as a halter bikini, tie or hook neck and back, the bandeau affect, and a triangle bikini top that ties around the neck and back with adjustable straps. All of their tops and bottoms are sold separately so you can mix-n-match sizes to create the look you dare to wear.

How would you describe the overall feel/vibe of RYGY?
It is modern and trendy with elegant trimmings and modern cuts and prints inspired by natural elements.

What do you think are the biggest swimwear trends right now spring 2010?
A well finished, well made garment is timeless, but great trims and new cuts are selling well. Our tab side bottom, a new cut for 2010 has been very successful.

What era in fashion does your line remind you of?
RYGY is truly timeless and a combination of many eras. Our one-piece maillots have a very 70’s shape but a decidedly modern feel with the use of fresh trims and fabric. We have some bikinis that with a throw-back 80’s vibe in the 2011 collection, with regards to the cut, but the RYGY collection is always modern and fresh designed for today’s consumer and in line with the runway trends and inspired by our travels – so if a silhouette is from a yesteryear era, than the print is very today or future. We always keep give it a RYGY twist!

Do you agree that the economic times call for minimalist designs?
These economic times call for just the opposite. What is selling well is great design and added value. People have less disposable income, so when they are going to buy only 2 or 3 suits for the season, they want suits that will stand out and suits that give them more bang for their buck, like reversible suits.

Now that sheers, nudes and blushes are the fad for this spring, what colors did you choose to use?
We find rich, colorful jewel tones to do better for us as they pop against the skin.

What's next for the brand and is lingerie in the future?
Some South American Swimwear lines go in this direction, but lingerie is not in our immediate plan. 2011 plans to be HUGE for RYGY! Right now, we are in the process of designing a full lifestyle brand that is centered on RESORT. The beach is such an integral part of the Brazilian culture. We are expanding to a brand that truly focuses on this part of our culture. RYGY is in the process of creating everything a woman will need to immerse herself in this culture of the beach, from the perfect beach bag to all its contents (sans a good book).

Where are your collections purchased?
Search for us! RYGY has a huge presence online including key retailers like and, Fred Segal, Pesca’s, Praia, Sandals, Harrods in London, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Wynn Las Vegas Resort or you can visit - - our retail price points fall between $99 and $148.

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