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Acquiesce to OdM's Request For Sophistication

by Sofroina Timmons

The sun is brighter, the water is warmer and you have a sudden urge to rub suntan lotion on your skin. Yes, the beach season has finally arrived. The winter cold is gone, your skin is out of hibernation and it’s time to get into swimwear mischief! So who do you turn to for elegance, prestige and a luxe piece? Enter OndadeMar.

Colombian company OndadeMar (OdM) has been designing and creating luxury swimwear, accessories and apparel for twenty years. The high-end, trendsetting company has a superb design, manufacturing and distribution process that has landed it renowned accolades amongst the leading international designers from all over the fashion world.

OdM is recognized by magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Bazaar and Sports Illustrated for its style, quality, originality and sophistication and the brand has been ranked as one of the top swimwear brands by Elle and Forbes. Whether you are looking for casual, care-free designs or a luxe feel, OndadeMar ensures exclusive and unique designs. OndadeMar is sought after by women who are modern, refined and have a discerning lifestyle. Alongside the mature designs are the teenage and children’s line that are fashionably comparable to the adult line. Besides, it’s unheard of to go to a pool party and the family looks mix-matched, that’s not OdM style!

How did you get started in the swimwear fashion industry?
OndadeMar was founded 10 years ago in as a luxury swimwear brand, and has expanded its product portfolio to satisfy a woman’s complete need for luxury, resort lifestyle products. Over the years the company has set new fashion trends by designing apparel with a subtle Latin flair, carefully crafted to enhance a woman’s natural beauty.

How would you describe the overall feel/vibe of OndadeMar?
We want to present a lifestyle that is less complicated, less materialistic, and more eager in the pursuit of exotic experiences, unfamiliar territories, and value other cultures.

Do you agree that the economic times call for minimalist designs?
Not necessarily, when the general mood is down, clothing can be a tool for us to cheer up and impregnate some joy in to people’s life. This can be made using colors and embellishing the garments. Some markets have been suffering because of the world crisis, however, we have found great opportunities in others, and our growth in terms of global revenue last year was over 45%.

Now that sheers, nudes and blushes are the fad for this spring, what colors did you choose to use?
Appealing to our Latin heritage, color use is very important for us, bright colors as turquoises, purples, cherries and pinks with the essentials gold and silver accents.

Swimwear is more of a seasonal thing correct?
Our Cover Ups line, is growing season by season, the range of products for this line goes from complementary garments for the beach to more dressy silhouettes than can be use on daily bases and special occasions.

What's next for OndadeMar?
For the next season, we are embracing the summer with a big color explosion, touches of Neon’s and new bold silhouettes for both swim and covers lines. We have a lingerie line that [caters mostly to the] Latin market, but we have great expectations for the future with this line; we hope it can be as successful as our swimsuits line.

Where can your collection be purchased?
Our collection can be purchased in the following places:, OndadeMar Miami Beach store: 231 8th Street Miami Beach, FL 33139, p. (305) 531-5965 Selected SAKS 5th Avenue stores, Intermix, Victoria’s Secret stores and catalogue, Garnet Hill catalogue and other specialty boutique stores around the Our price points for swimwear range $140 to $190. Cover ups range from $90 to $380.

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