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Virtue in a Swimsuit

by Sofroina Timmons

Soon, maybe not soon enough summer will be here, life will be good and you’re probably still not prepared for the sunrays, tropical settings, Mai-tai’s in an elegant glass and the right swimwear. Hopefully that’s not the case, but if it is, BECCA Swimwear could be right for you!

BECCA offers an assortment of stylish sheer tunics, light weight cardigans, soft rompers, and dresses allow the millennium gal to create unique combinations that will captivate any gazing eye. If you lose your virtue when wearing a BECCA piece, don’t blame Rebecca Virtue for the outcome. She’s only the creator and designer of BECCA Swimwear, nothing more. The California native and alumnus of Otis College of Art and Design is still residing in Orange County, where she soaks up all of her inspiration from a Californian lifestyle.

Her collection is filled with a fresh vibrant color palette designed to match individual personalities. Pieces are timeless and can be worn as a set or can be interchanged by style or color to create a unique look. There are animal and botanical prints infused with textural crochet in this collection as well as detailed embroideries studded and fringed to mimic a Tropical Tango. Soft scalloped edges and delicate rosettes balance the feminine feline within you.

BECCA Swimwear has a green side that offers bamboo fiber cover-ups. The bamboo fabric is known to be extremely soft and it’s antibacterial not allowing bacteria or pathogens to absorb in your skin. The eco-line is washable too! You can go online to to browse through and purchase your ideal swimsuit.

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