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Aqua di Lara Damsels

by Sofroina Timmons

Men, if you have spotted a “dime piece” by the deck or shoreline of the Pacific Ocean, it was probably courtesy of an Aqua Di Lara swimsuit. Ladies Aqua Di Lara pieces work well for any beach blanket picnic at night, holiday firework event or while you are just watching the sunset go down. Aqua Di Lara swimsuits make putting up your blinders (man or woman) virtually impossible - - they are that gorgeous. Ladies, I suggest you suck it up and get one of these beautiful, well constructed pieces for this summer. Consider this swim line the standard uniform this summer, it’ll be worth it!

Aqua Di Lara has quickly graced the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, Ocean Drive, Z!nk, Insides of Elle , FQ and California Apparel News. The brand was founded in 2005 by award-winning designer Reyhan Sofraci and is well-known in the fashion industry as an astute and fashion-conscious swimwear company.

Two years later, Sofraci expanded her operations launching a new contemporary line called “Qiss Qiss” in 2007. This line was designed to market to the younger, more mass-market clientele with a lower price point that its sister line Aqua di Lara. Qiss Qiss and Aqua Di Lara both have high-end trendy sumptuous designs.

Aqua Di Lara are manufactured with high-quality European fabrics and accessories - - each piece is sewn meticulously and inspected with the utmost diligence to ensure a top quality design standard. All of Aqua di Lara’s fabrics possess quick-to-dry properties and are resistant to chlorine, salt water and UV rays, which means no bleeding of color, degradation or loss of shape/form with repeated use. Aqua di Lara’s accessories are chlorine and salt water resistant. I wonder if they can reel me in a swanky dude too!

Explain the concept behind the Aqua Di Lara name?
Aqua Di Lara has 5 different collections for spring 2010. Each captures femininity in a different way.
Skinn is a vibrant collection fusing leopard and marble nuances with coral and mango colors.
Sailor Chic pays tribute to the “X-shaped” (hourglass) woman; a simple yet classic ensemble of yacht-related accessories
Liquid collection has a fresh glam never before seen, involving a crisp wet-looking deep blue that is just dripping with a chic and futuristic charm. Also available in Navy and Mercury print.
Tribeca is a channeled African Aura. They are suits with an aggressive yet subtle grace with a graphic twist and styles to match.
Aquaria is derived from the aqua shades and tropical climate; a sparkling teal solid matched with aquatic stone prints.

How would you describe the overall feel/vibe of Aqua Di Lara?
Elegance and effortless style. The whole Aqua Di Lara line for 2010 is focused on subtle pieces that attract attention by a woman’s elegance, and not by their “flash” or “shock” effect. Our collections are designed with a modern woman in mind; they are a portrayal of one’s sophistication and grace. That is how Aqua Di Lara swimwear makes you feel.

What was your inspiration for your spring 2010 collection?
People inspire me. I design for my friends, my family, I love them, they are models of accomplishment, strength and humility. I am surrounded by beautiful, intelligent women and this collection is a tribute them.

Where can Aqua Di Lara be purchased and at what price point?
A lot of people ask us where Aqua Di Lara is purchased, but where is the fun in shopping if you already know where it is. Ask around your neighborhood. Exclusive high-end and luxury boutiques carry our collection, which ranges between $200 - $500.

How does Aqua Di Lara stand out amongst the competition?
Aqua Di Lara strives in designer swimwear. Designed using high-quality Italian fabrics and styles that are so unique and eccentric, we utterly stand out from the “polka dot bikini-clad” crowd. Aqua Di Lara is beach-chic; making waves, even out of the water.

Is Aqua Di Lara more conservative or edgy?
Either – Or! Every woman has a different angle on what is conservative and what is edgy. Aqua Di Lara has something for every woman, regardless of their body-type or comfort zone.

What’s the process when coming up with a design for your swimwear line?
I design with tomorrow’s modern woman in mind, everlasting and brave. Women can overtake anything that comes forth, and do it in style. That is how I design. I love using innovative fabrics, but I always make sure they can brave water, sun, chlorine and always stay as beautiful. It is very important to me that my swimsuits emulate the power of femininity.

What do you think are the biggest swimwear trends right now for spring 2010?
For 2010 the monokinis are still very strong. Neo-prane looking fabrics, metallic embellishments, and manipulated skins are all very popular in styles that make an impression on beachgoers all over.

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