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Shut It Down With Gridlock Denim

by Sofroina Timmons

Welcome to the jean matrix of Gridlock Denim where you don't choose the denim-the Gridlock chooses you. There is a fit for every curve and if you aspire to have more curves, Gridlock Denim is designed to give you the look you've always desired. Think: one of kind stitch work and detail that wears well for any occasion. Gridlock Denim has over 40 patented pocket designs from leather dye cuts to embroideries to skins and to 80's inspired stars and chains. Gridlock is known for removable pockets, giving you the option to create your own "stylo"; allowing the fašade of multiple jeans in your closet. Jean styles are straight leg, boot cut, flare, cigarette cut (for the extra skinny look), bell bottoms and skinny overalls. Gridlock isn't your conventional jean and don't even think about subtlety. Wear them expecting the spotlight and no one will dare to rain on your parade.

It's no wonder Parnico, LLC, founded in 2003, is the parent company of Gridlock Denim. If you see dollar signs then you jump on the band wagon. Parnico began manufacturing under garments and loungewear however, since its inception the company has developed well-known established brands such as Shawn Stevens, Minuit, Underline, De Bra, Bodyline and Gridlock Beachwear.

The master minds behind Parnico are Paul Yari, a graduate of New York University, began investing in real estate for over 50 years. He is the financial backer of Parnico and also controls Triyar Companies, Inc; and Tina Ghods. Tina has an extensive background in fashion working with Diesel and Replay Jeans in New York and Los Angeles and her educational background is in Advertisement and Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts in New York.
If this doesn't raise a brow, then just try on a pair and see if you won't lose yourself locked into the Gridlock! We queried Ghods about Gridlock Denim:

Explain the meaning behind the name.
I wanted something that can be used for Woman, Men, and Kids. A unisex name. I also wanted a name that can identify with Los Angeles. So after a couple of different names I came up with Gridlock denim and my motto of ôLock yourself In".

How did Gridlock Denim start?
Gridlock Denim started in June 2009. I started Gridlock denim because I always had a passion for denim all my life from childhood. Working for Diesel and Replay got me inspired to start my own line with the same edge but with a concept that had never been done in the denim world. So in the beginning stages of creating a denim line I thought what I would do different then other denim companies out in the market. With that being said, it was always about the designs on the back of the jeans. So, I came up with interchangeable pocket overlays that could be changed from one pocket design to another. Whether you're wearing your jeans during the day with something simple like an embroidery to dressing it up at night with studs, leathers, grommets, to dye cuts.

What's the inspiration behind the current collection?
My current collection is spring 2010, which is inspired by the cities of California and New York lifestyle. My collection offers washes that are inspired by LA artists and New York washes that are inspired by New York artists. It's a bicoastal collection: I envision people that are wearing my line to be artists, musicians, filmmakers, actors, travelers, and denim lovers.

How does Gridlock Denim differ from other leading jean brands?
Well that's a good question. Gridlock has no competitors clearly in the Market. I would say we would be different because of our pockets concept that can be changed and offered in every cut from Cigarette to Flare to Zipper and Flap Pockets. We would also be different from other brands because we offer a variety of pocket designs that are interchangeable and not interchangeable.

What's next for Gridlock Denim and do you have plans for a men's line?
We are launching the Men's Collection in fall 2011. We are very excited and I know a lot of men have been waiting to see this collection.

What are your designers doing or creating to keep up with the competition and to keep Gridlock Denim relevant in today's economy?
We are limiting our collection to having one style of interchangeable pockets to cut the cost of our denim to keep up with this economy. But we're not that worried with the competition because we always will offer a variety of different pockets that you can wear with other washes to help deal with the economy.

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