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One Woman's Trash is Another Woman's SuperTrash

by Sofroina Timmons

In the literal sense, we think of trash as items we don't want anymore but not to European label SuperTrash. When you hear the name “SuperTrash”, that's probably the first assumption that comes to mind. Think outside the box, think Fashion! And that's exactly what Creative Designer, Olcay Gulsen, the Dutch beauty and entrepreneur behind SuperTrash since 2004. Her forte, combining elements that are dearest to her and stands by feminine power and sex appeal, which are trends that make a strong statement in the Fall/Winter 2010 SuperTrash collection.

This European brand based out of Amsterdam has been very successful overseas. The collection is available in 24 countries at more than 1200 locations and sold in over 300 boutiques/department stores and in Europe and Asia. The brand launched its theme 2010 collection “The Revival of Cleopatra” which was inspired by the prowess and dominance of the image conscious ruler. The designs clearly define the shape and frame of a woman; waist, hips and legs are exposed to accentuate the most favorable parts of the female anatomy. The collection has sharply cut shirts, cinched by broad leather belts, tight fitting dresses with feminine frills and beautiful appliqués on shorts that adorn the hips; classic beige trenches with broadened shoulders, loads of black dresses and leggings for your social evening and nightlife style. If you embrace the dominant female chromosome inside you, then this line is definitely your “cup of tea”.

What is the meaning behind the name of the brand?
The meaning behind SuperTrash is all about women that live on top of the world and dress like that in mind. They live a certain life style and the way they dress is important to them. SuperTrash is gorgeous, sexy and luxurious. All the It-girls get addicted to SuperTrash because it is fashion forward and they love the whole life-style of SuperTrash.

What inspired your current collection?
The next collection is all about boy meets girl. The collection is flirty and beautifully shaped. By layering amazing sheer and different fabrics...this collection will amaze you. The clash has a very feminine twist that is combined with some great prints. Draping, cutouts, silhouettes, see through nudity -–all reasons why you want and will meet Mr. Handsome wearing this SS11 collection!

Tell us one thing that no one knows about the brand.
SuperTrash wants to have a lingerie line too.

What are your designers doing to compete in this market?
I create the collection out of a vision. I love some of the other designers out there and therefore I don't compete. It is all about working with your own creativity and truly enjoying working in the fashion business.

Where can SuperTrash be purchased and for how much?
GC Williams, Searle, Boutique Coquette, Homme-work, Portobello, Khloe Rose, Boutique Calipso, KDG Goods,, Enzyme Shoelab, House of Sage. The clothes vary from retail prices that start at $ 60 to $ 250. And the amazing leathers go up to $600.

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