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Go On, Pick Up Evil Kitty

by Sofroina Timmons

Evil Kitties across the planet may not be tamed but if you adorn them with the right pieces you can probably get them to behave. To be an Evil Kitty, one must not be afraid to wear mixtures of unusual prints and fabric combos paired with street fashion with flair. It's all about being a rebel, standing outside the box igniting the fire to burn the traditional ideals describing a woman's fashion. The inspiration is street, punk movement with a dash of 40's glamour and a hint of music and art to control the balance. The distinction between ordinary girls to an Evil Kitty girl, this feline will not be acquired nor claimed. If you are looking for traditional wear, go for the mainstream and stay clear of the Evil Kitty runway.

Evil Kitty is the bran child of Lidia Wachowska. Her calling for design started with an animation of an Evil Kitty character initiating the slogan for her clothing line. Her knack to combine textures and fabrics, contrasting colors and monochromatic schemes has created buzz in the fashion world. She's created such a stir that Toyota chose Lidia to design an outfit based on their new concept vehicle “I-Real” in 2008 and soon after opened a studio and exhibition space for her and two other designers called “creative lounge Chicago” to extend collaborations to attract more artists and designers for fresh, new creative minds. So now the young and the young at heart can enjoy edgy untraditional pieces to accentuate the naughty kitty in them.

What's next on the “To Do List” for Evil Kitty? Apart from being the go-to person for Toyota, Lidia will be creating and organizing a spring/summer fashion week in the creative lounge Chicagoin June 2010. She hopes to expand Evil Kitty fan club committee as “Evil Kittens”; promoting the company to new markets-national and international. Lidia is also considering the idea to open up two new boutiques in Miami and Japan where the fashion market is lively and thriving.

Why did you start Evil Kitty?
I have always known that I wanted to work in the creative arena. I went to The School of Art Institute of Chicago to be a Painter and Graphic Designer, however in the last year of school I created an animation about an Evil Kitty character--which later on initiated my clothing line.

How does the "eco-conscious" movement affect Evil Kitty?
I am very aware of the eco-conscious movement, I hope it grows and becomes bigger and better. At this time I am using some organic cotton in my designs. My other fabrics are not “green” because I cannot find the soy-based fabrics that match the Evil Kitty color scheme. Evil Kitty is a socially responsible company. I use a local Chicago manufacturer, who is located five blocks from our studio. We reduce the carbon footprint to the minimum there and at the same support the local economy. All of our fabrics are purchased from U.S. mills or local distributors and fabric stores. I also believe in making quality garments that you can keep for years, and will not go out of style.

What is the inspiration of your current collection?
Most of my collections are inspired by classic silhouettes from the 40s and 50s; I am also inspired by punk rock, Japanese street fashion, and film noir. The new spring/summer collection is very feminine and girly but has the Evil Kitty signature elements such as vinyl appliqués, zipper trims, grommets and safety pins. The whole collections is made from the color blue, turquoise blue, and black.

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?
The color blue is HUGE this spring; my blue dresses have been attracting lots of new customers. I noticed a lot of punk rock influence in the recent styles. I keep seeing zipper trims, grommets, or metal studs.

Where can Evil Kitty be purchased and what is the price point?
You can purchase the entire line at my online store:, we have hot shorts, T-shirts and short skirts that range from $22-$55. We also sell hoodies, tops, and pencil skirts ranging from $60-$120. My dresses are more unique and high-end and they range from $175-$495.


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