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Melanie Auld Designs

by Yvette Coleman
Melanie Auld Designs launched in September of 2004. Melanie Auld had been surrounded by beauty and fashions and amazing accessories, but could not find exactly what she wanted. She began to take matters into her own hand and started creating pieces for herself. “My background was in fashion, so I started taking metal smith courses and the love affair with creating jewelry just kept growing. After building my jewelry brand for the last four years it was time for Melanie Auld Designs to take the next step and our bag line was born!” says Melanie. The Melanie Auld brand has an amazing depth in creating memorable, chic and effortlessly glamorous pieces.

Melanie adds: “In almost every collection I have ever designed the materials used are the main inspiration, along with the cities I have lived in, and most importantly their people. Just from looking at the skins or stones I can imagine how to best showcase their beauty. Then I take into account current trends and the "flavor" of an inspiring city and its just an evolution. For our fall/winter bags we wanted to showcase beautiful rich colors, bags that don't overpower their owner but enhance them. There is a lot of gold hardware, some braiding and great attention to detail.” Melanie has crafted a line that will speak to many types of women, but most importantly, a woman that has an innate sense of what looks amazing on her! This woman wants jewelry that enhances her look and that stands the test of time. Her bags need to be functional and sturdy because she has so many things on the go, but that doesn't mean she will sacrifice style.

Do you agree that the economic times call for minimalist designs?
I don't agree that the economic times call for minimalist designs; I believe that as designers we do draw inspiration from what is going on around us but fashion has always been an escape. A way to express yourself and have fun, I think as times get more difficult we need to find ways to make products cost less for our customers but that doesn't mean they have to look like they do!
Of course we are affected by the economy but people are still buying, its slowed down a bit but its not the end of the world. We have a lot of loyal customers that are still excited about the new collection and placing orders.

The celebrity that best embodies our brand is:
Kerri Russell, her natural beauty, laid back attitude and elegance are exactly what Melanie Auld Designs strives to achieve. She is effortlessly chic and knows who she is without putting on airs.

Tell us one thing that nobody knows about the brand.
Melanie Auld Designs was started in a little room in my home 4 years ago, the biggest reason we are around is because of the amazing support of my husband, family and friends. Whenever I need a little inspiration or encouragement they are never too far away.

What trends are you seriously tired of and hope will not remain?
I am SO tired of tough/goth/ugly jewelry. If I see another snake, skull or dagger I am going to scream. I want the jewelry I buy or design to be beautiful, a pretty glam piece that makes me or my customer smile.

What trend do I expect to be big next season?
I think we are still going to see a lot of color next season which I am excited about. With things the way they are in our world its nice to have some fun and I think color helps to lift spirits. I also think exotics will still be going strong.What's next for Melanie Auld?
Well if I could ever get my husband to stay in one city for longer then a year (he plays in the NHL) I would LOVE to open a boutique. I have it all mapped out, a small section in the back that would house our design studio and bag/jewelry showroom and a front that would be home to clothing from designers like Rory Beca, Phillip Lim, Vena Cava, Inhabit, Isabel Marant. It will happen, hopefully sooner rather then later.

Words of wisdom:
If you love it, keep at it. It's a hard industry to work in, nobody is going to hand you anything. If you truly believe in your designs and know your market it WILL happen for you. A lot of doors are going to slam in your face, try to listen to what these insiders are saying to you, learn from it, change what you can and move on. Oh and eat a good breakfast, lunch NEVER happens for me!

Melanie Auld jewelry and bags can be purchased online at and are sold in many fine stores throughout the US and Canada. Prices range from $75-$900.

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