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"Beautifully tailored boys jackets and separates should put an end to the " Girls get all the cute stuff" whine... raises the bar for boys wear"-James Girone's Guide to Children's Fashion


BRYCEWEAR was created by accomplished celebrity fashion stylist and now first-time children's designer, Pamela Watson. After becoming the mother to a beautiful new son, Pamela soon realized that retail offered slim pickings when it came to little boys clothing. “ I only saw overalls, khakis and cartoon characters, I had to go from boutique to boutique, and pore through numerous catalogues in order to pull together a half-decent wardrobe. This was frustrating, extremely time-consuming and expensive...I thought something had to be done." Enter BRYCEWEAR, a company born out of necessity, the clear choice for fashion-conscious parents.

If the essence of BRYCEWEAR had to be distilled down into the two words they would be 'STYLISH' and 'FUNCTIONAL’. Inspired by international Men's fashion, BRYCEWEAR clothes are classic pieces mixed with fresh, cutting-edge urban style. The line features pieces like, but not limited to, blazers, cargo pants, button-down shirts, newsboy caps and linen jackets each with unique detailing and distinct style twists.

BRYCEWEAR offers pieces in colors not usually associated with boys wear. Pamela believes "whether Gucci or Gap, the variety really comes into play with the use of unique fabrics and colors." Each piece in the line can be mixed and matched creating innumerable possibilities for a child's wardrobe.

But BRYCEWEAR doesn't just break the rules by mixing unusual fabrics and colors, Watson prioritizes high quality construction, "all the clothes are durable enough to be worn everyday, but stylish and trendy enough for special occasions." To deliver a perfect fit, all the pieces are cut generously to reflect boys' rapid growth with hidden adjustability features, extending wearability and maximizing value.

The looks in BRYCEWEAR'S fun, colorful collection is available in sizes 12 months to 7Y.

About the designer
Her name is synonymous with style! Pamela Watson came upon the fashion scene like the Fast and the Furious, turning the heads of every major industry head and director you can imagine. Pamela's name became the "buzz" as one of the hottest fashion stylists in New York, and shortly after, founded Builders of Style, now a cornerstone of the New York style scene.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Pamela has traveled the world and worked with celebrity clients of all calibers-television news personalities, multi-platinum music artists, super models, movie stars...and the list goes on. Little did Pamela know that in 2003 her most important client was about to come to the scene...her beautiful son Bryce.

Upon the birth of her little prince, Pamela found that her choices in boy's clothing were extremely limited. Having stylishly dressed celebrities for nearly a decade, Pamela certainly wanted her son to enjoy the benefits of her experience in the fashion industry, but found it was nearly impossible.

Season after season, she noticed the seemingly endless choices for fashionable girls wear, while searching in vain for unique alternatives to the humdrum basics of typical boys clothing. Frustrated, Pamela decided that if this was all there was for fashion-conscious parents, then she had to do something about it!

Hence, BRYCEWEAR was born! After working with designers from the New York to Milan to Tokyo, all the while honing a well-seasoned eye for international men's fashion, and now with an adorable in-house model, creating BRYCEWEAR was a totally natural transition for Pamela--and once again, in her own inimitable way, she's taking the fashion scene by storm!

Pamela Watson earned her baccalaureate degree from the State university of New York at Albany in 1992. After graduation she went to work at Federated Department Stores as an Assistant Buyer for Macy's. While working at Macy's, Pamela "learned from the best" by also free lancing with Wayne Scott Lucas and June Ambrose, two icons in the fashion industry. Her talent was quickly recognized, and she soon moved up to become Scott Lucas' and Ambrose's Head Assistant. Having earned her "Masters' and "Doctorate" degrees within the celebrity styling arena, Pamela founded her own styling firm, Builders of Style, and never looked back.

Ms. Watson is married, has one child, and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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